Balsamic Chicken with Baby Spinach and Whole Wheat Couscous

It’s my new favorite meal. We have it once a week at least. The balsamic tomato sauce that goes on top is really delicious, all the flavor combinations are amazing and it’s super healthy. Seriously, give it a try. You won’t be sorry.

You can find the Ellie Krieger recipe here.

A couple notes:
I didn’t like how much garlic they tell you to add in the spinach. It tasted pretty bitter the way it’s written in the recipe, so I halved the amount
I added in the mushrooms this time but only because I was short on spinach. That’s not part of the original recipe
I found my whole wheat couscous at Trader Joes


I've had the TJ's whole wheat couscous for a while – kinda wondering what to do with it. This is going on the menu for this week, thanks!

Looks great. Adding to my meal list this week!

mmm…that looks delicious! great blog – glad i found you. i'm your newest follower!tgif,

Looks good! I have been substituting whole wheat cous cous with quinoa. I am finding I like it more and it is higher in protein which is nice for the waistline 😉

Thanks for the dinner suggestion! I'm totally making this tonight…yum!!

I haven't tried the chicken recipe yet. The recipe with salmon is delicious too.

You should do a post full of food photography tips! Food is really hard to photo, but you make it look scrumptious every time!

Mmm. Could there be a better combo than spinach and mushrooms? Maybe spinach, mushrooms, and leeks. I will give this a try, it's right up my alley. Thanks!

yummy. Thank you. I have been looking for a new dinner recipe and this seems perfect. Thanks again.

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