Proscuitto and Lemon Arugula Pie

This is my new favorite kind of pizza. I love the version from Delfina here so this past weekend I tried to recreate it and really enjoyed the result. It’s a white pizza, which means that there is no tomato sauce.

Fresh mozzarella cheese (sliced directly on top of the dough)
Strips of smoked prosciutto

Lemon vinaigrette:
1 T olive oil
1/3 T vinegar
one squeeze of fresh lemon
salt and pepper

Toss the vinaigrette with the arugula while the pie is cooking and layer generously over the prosciutto when it comes out of the oven.

The combination of the prosciutto, lemon peppery arugula, and fresh mozzarella is really delicious. I love any kind of pizza with greens on top too. It tricks my psyche into thinking I’m eating salad. Growing up in NY we had this one pizza called salad pizza at our local pizzeria. I’m gonna try to recreate that next. Any new pizzas you’ve been enjoying lately?


Delish! Thanks for sharing. You inspire many dinners over at this house. I especially like the Sole Meuniere recipe you shared… I've used it all kinds of fish and even chicken. Really good!! Keep the great recipes coming!

i had the most amazing arugula pizza a few months back at a vegan restaurant in chicago. i usually don't really make a point of going to vegan restaurants, but this time i was sure glad i did. it was awesome!

You said my two favorite words. Pizza & Proscuitto! Oooo yummy!!! I have to try this very soon!! =)Melanie's Randomness

We've been making little mini pizzas on whole wheat pitas. Covered in sauce, cheese, and fresh veggies. They hit the spot, and they're healthy! I'll have to give this recipe a try. It'll be a nice addition to my repertoire. 🙂

Yes Delfina is one of my favourites! And nice to have a change from tomato, didn't know they did it this way…

Yes Delfina is one of my favourites! And nice to have a change from tomato, didn't know they did it this way…

yes….when living in Italy, my favorite pizza I got probably 4 times per week (delivered by the hot pizza boy) was this, proscuitto with arugala. Sadly, Delfina's doesn't quite live up to how I remember it though.

it's 4pm and now I'm even more hungry! It looks and sounds so yummy. I agree with sweetie pie bakery, caramelized onions sound perfect on top 🙂

Thanks for all your great ideas! Love the idea of adding something sweet on top like caramelized onions or figs or fruit. Fabulous!

That looks awesome. I would like some right now! My latest fave is a goat's cheese and zucchini pizza. It's a white pizza, too. And so good.

Yum, I can't wait to try this! I can never say no to a good pizza. My favorite lately has been a wild mushroom, green onion, and goat cheese pizza recipe I came up with a while ago. I love arugula and it's the only thing that escaped the snails in my winter garden so I'm pretty sure this is my new favorite!

We've been really into homemade pizza lately. The potesto pizza from Stephmodo is amazing. And we've been doing a winter margherita pizza with our canned tomatoes from last summer, a little drizzle of pesto, and some fresh mozzarella. So good!!!

Try adding a few figs to your recipe…it's heavenly. There something about the sweet and salty thing that just makes it work!

This looks so good. I love arugula and Proscuitto and on a pizza, it's just fantastic.

Yum this sounds delicious! And perfect for a light summer meal.

I was in Italy in the fall and the BEST pizza I had there was a cooked flat crust and then on top of it was essentially a cold caprese salad. It was to die for…although I will say that the buffalo mozzarella was so fresh – like brought over that morning – that it would be difficult to recreate its goodness unless you could get your hands on some high quality cheese.

Mmm, this sounds delicious! I am such a fan of Delfina!

Try adding caramelized onions to the top next time-the saltiness of the prosciutto pairs great with the sweetness of the onions and freshness of arugula!

Sounds delicious! That's one of my fav combo's. At one of my favorite pizza joints (Vinto) in Slc, they do one very similar only they add fruit, usually thinly sliced but still crunchy pear or apple, and it's so good. You could try that too?

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