Sole Meuniere

Sole Meuniere is our favorite way to eat white fish. You don’t have to use sole, I usually use tilapia. I promise, it’s super delicious and you can’t believe how simple it is. The recipe I use is Ina Garten’s here, but after making it once you won’t ever need to look at a recipe again, it’s that easy! I kind of wish we were having it tonight, but we already had it twice last week…



Made this tonight and it was a huge hit. Even my picky 3 year old gobbled it up! I love the recipes you share – keep them coming!

this is perfect for my "cook new recipes in 2011" resolution.thanks!

Looks great – pinning it on my pinterest page for use next week!

this looks like a great way to start eating more fish. mmm!

yum! looks delicious. I need to make for fish, it's so good for you!

I've been wanting to try Sole Meuniere after I saw Meryl Streep eat it in Julie and Julia, you just can't beat butter!!

Yes! I have made this and it so EASY and delicious!And avoiding jeans has been my MO for the last couple of months (weight gain, not buying new clothes). TIGHTS. Fun tights and layers with dresses and skirts. I am just as comfy but feel more put together.

definitely reminds me of Julia Child too, looks so good. Why am I always so afraid of cooking fish?

We made Ina's recipe for Sole Meuniere last week! It really is spectacular.

Thank you. I know what I'm making for dinner tonight. 🙂 xo, Claudia

We had fish last night for the first time in a while and I thought–why don't we have this more often since it's so easy, healthy and yummy? I'll have to try this…thanks!

yum. looks so delicious + refreshing. when can i come for dinner? 😉

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