Homemade Hummus

My mother has been making homemade hummus weekly for a few years now. When I was home in  NY last month she taught me how to make it and now it’s been my staple lunch with pita chips and veggies. I bought some roasted red peppers and chopped those finely into it as well. Really delicious.
Would you like to learn now to make it? It seems daunting but it’s super simple

Add one can of drained garbanzo beans to the food processor; but when you drain it reserve the juice. You’ll need about half of it later.

Enter Tahini sauce. Mmm. Add 2 T in with your garbanzo beans. They carry this stuff at our local Trader Joe’s.

A sprinkle of garlic powder, a little salt and pepper. Then the juice of one lemon

Blend. You’ll find that you’ll need to add a little bit of that reserved garbanzo bean juice. How much of it depends on how thick you like your hummus (we like it super thick).

Blend until smooth. Taste it for seasonings.

1 can garbanzo beans with reserved juice
2 T Tahini sauce
Sprinkle of garlic powder
Salt and Pepper
Juice of one lemon
At least 1 T of reserved bean juice

Add into a food processor and blend until smooth


It sounds intimidating but homemade hummus is so easy! This is a great recipe. I have found that great white northern beans when blended up make a really good humus-like dip too. Just add some truffle oil and salt, or blend it up with some home made pesto. Eat with warm flatbread, and its a hit every time.

thank you for sharing! i've been looking for a good, non-intimidating hummus recipe.

I have made hummus before and love it. This version sounds amazing. Thanks Liz!

I make it too, so yummy! I like to add a little bit of parsley to mine.

Ha I had to google the beans… I thought it was something else to experiment with. Turns out you have a different name for chickpeas in the US. That confusion aside it sounds like a lovely recipe! I like the idea of garlic salt rather than garlic as sometimes it can be overpowering, I'm going to try it out. Sometimes I add chopped corriander to mine which is awesomely delicious.

i LOVE hummus! i like to add a pinch of paprika, and ground red pepper to mine. i also struggled to find tahini where i live, but all it is is toasted sesame seeds and olive oil, so i just use that instead. there are some fantastic recipes out there for spinach artichoke hummus, and pumpkin hummus as well if your ever in the mood for a change of flavor. 🙂

oh! we better use my mom's recipe, just made the change in the post!Melissa, my mom has a restaurant quality blender and uses it. works great

Love the tip on saving juice from beans….I make mine w/roasted red peppers.

If you blend the tahini, water (garbanzo bean juice), and lemon juice first; and then add the beans the hummus is a lot smoother. The tahini and liquids emulsify this way and the end product will thank you for the extra step to deliciousness.

I've been meaning to look up some recipes and try. I'll make yours, thank you!

One of my friends makes a beet hummus that is killer!!! This recipe is easy to follow and perfect. xo

Oooh thanks for sharing! I have loved hummus ever since I spent about four years in the middle east. Who knew it was so easy to make. Looks like I need a food processor!

Husband has been begging me to make hummus but the last few times I've made it, there has been something off. I'm going to try yours! xoxo

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