Canning Peaches

I had to force myself into a productive weekend to makeup for last week. Canning is pretty much the definition of productive in my book. It was my first time canning peaches solo and I’m happy to report that they all sealed! Have you canned? I’m thinking of tackling tomatoes next.


I'm interested in canning tomatoes, not because it's cheaper (it's probably a wash) but because I'm sick and tired of opening up a can and seeing that white lining that means the food I'm going to feed my babies has been sitting in Bisphenol A. Makes me angry. Maybe it makes me angry enough to start canning.

my family and I can tomato sauce every August. We get bags and bags of tomatoes from New Jersey and boil and cut and grind and pick basil until we have the perfect gravy. It is not fun, but very rewarding 90 jars later.

I love canning. I love listening for that little pop when it seals. I feel like a kid listening for it. I get so excited and me and my husband take turns saying, "Did you hear it?"I've never done tomatoes though…do you have to have a pressure canner for tomatoes?

Wow! I am so impressed! Canning peaches is no mean feat!!

I have canned in the past but find with tomatoes you can buy on sale for so cheap it is not worth all the work and cost.I love making and eating fresh freezer jams.

My grandma used to. I'd love to try.I usually just make jelly….

So cool that you just posted this, just last week I found myself with two big, free boxes of peaches, and spent most of the day friday canning. It's hard work, but when you think of popping open a jar of peaches you canned yourself…it's worth it. Here's to a winter of peach cobbler!

Tomatoes used to scare me; I was afraid I'd end up poisoning my whole family! But a friend showed me the easiest way in the world to can tomatoes two summers ago, and I was addicted to the process and canned about 50 quarts! Yes, it was overkill, and yes, we're still enjoying them!And–because my comment isn't already long enough–I found a recipe for chunky applesauce a few years ago and canned loads of it. My brother says it tastes like apple pie filling. Like that's a bad thing!

Never canned. but this post inspires me to learn. Seriously those jars are lovely!

mmm looks great. i've never canned, i hear it's easy but i'm afraid i'll mess it up somehow.

There is no sweeter sound that that of the jars "popping" at the end of a hard day in the kitchen. I remember when my mom would make preserves, we would all keep an ear for it and keep the count going out loud. Nothing more satisfying then hearing the last of the batch seal.

Canning tomatoes is just about as easy as it gets–just dip them in boiling water for 60 seconds, core them, boil for a few more minutes, and pop them in a jar! I've canned five different things in the last week…'tis the season! I highly recommend the Ball Blue Book for fantastic (and safe!) recipes.

Oooh! Awesome, can't wait to hear the play-by-play. I bet your apartment smells sooooo good too.

I've only canned salsa & pepper jelly but I do it at least once a year. Love it.

I've never canned before, but I just bought the Ball 'canning discovery kit' Im going to try my hand at pickles this week. eep.

I can, but mostly pickles and jam. I've been thinking about tomatoes, too, but the thought of peeling a mountain of tomatoes stops me every time!

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