Bolognese Sauce

I grew up eating spaghetti with meat sauce but this, this, my friends, is an incredible grown up bolognese sauce: pancetta, hamburger, veggies, lots of spices. It was delicious. Especially with thick egg noodles. Plus it made so much I was able to freeze enough for at least two more meals. How house-wifey of me (mom, aren’t you proud?). Do you have a pasta sauce you love? I would love to add more regulars to our dinner routine.


Horsley – a chardonnay isn't usually dry, a Pinot Grigio is probably a good choice for this. ask the person who works in the liquor isle, they usually have a good idea.

This is my dad's favorite! He ordered this everyday we were in Italy.

That sounds wonderful, I love a good meat sauce. I have to say, after reading the recipe that I'm a bit scared off from the dry white wine… only because it involves one of my most embarrassing moments as a newlywed. I was trying to be all "house-wifey" at the ripe age of 22 and make a more gourmet meal (one that involved actually using the stove). One thing on my list was dry white wine… hmm, I thought? I headed to the grocery store and proceeded to scour every isle, the flour isle, the spice isle, I was hoping to find a little bag packed like flour that said "dry white wine" on it.. but couldn't ever find such a thing (very amelia bedelia of me:). I asked a worker and while holding back laughter she nicely told me that probably meant a Chardonnay or some type of dry wine like that… from the liquor store. Now I know!

my father is a chef who owns an italian restaurant but i can't cook even though my blood line tells me i should be able to – but PESTO is great cold and warm as well as a simple cacio e pepe on spaghetti. my fave? vodka sauce. oh and burro e salvia…ok. too many.

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