Rigatoni with Broccoli Rabe and Hot Sausage

Ever since we’ve moved into our new place I’ve felt like switching up my cooking routine. I picked up a Real Simple: Meals Made Easy magazine (you know, the ones that are only recipes and no advertisements?) at the checkout line the other week and have started making some of the reader favorite recipes. So far this one is my favorite: pasta with broccoli rabe and hot sausage. I like it with rigatoni. Oh, it was so delicious. Will definitely be adding this to the rotation.

(real simple magazine)


This looks so tasty! I can't wait to make it. Love the broccoli substitution too.

mmm, i saw this in my issue of real simple & dogeared it for future reference! your review makes it a definite must-try for the month!

I have been making this for 3 years and my husband still loves it everytime. Glad you have discovered the secret of Real Simple.

lindsay, yes. the recipe i have in the magazine says you can substitute normal broccoli for the rabe. although i had no problem finding it at the grocery store here.

That looks so good; I wonder if you could use broccoli? I've never been able to find broccoli rabe.

My very Italian friend makes this all the time and I love it! The sausage really spices up the broccoli rabe.

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