Red Velvet Cake with Raspberries

Earlier this week I made a red velvet cake with raspberries and cream cheese frosting for our red and green themed cooking club this month. It turned out really great. It’s pretty much a chocolate cake with red food coloring. I love how beautiful the colors are, and so festive!! I’ll definitely be making it again. Recipe here.

Note on recipe: To make it more moist I added 3 T cup more butter and 1/4 cup sour cream. Because I hate dry cake. I used three smaller pans (6 inch?) as opposed to two big ones. Because I like tall cakes. I also added an extra T of cocoa powder. Because I like things chocolately.


this cake is stunning and i love that you added more chocolate!would you tell me more about how you do your cooking group? it seems creative and different.Thanks!

gorgeous! i saw this post a few days ago and i keep thinking how badly i need to make a red velvet cake. today is the day.

Just made the cake tonight and it turned out amazing! Everyone at dinner thought I was a 5 star chef lol and I am awful at cooking. Thanks for all the help.

You're really good at taking food pictures. Please enlighten.Oh, and you're good at the cake making thing too. =)

Looks so incredibly yum! I've seen this cake stand (or what I think is this cake stand) in a couple of blogs. Where is it from? It's lovely and a cute way to show off a beautiful cake.

perfectly festive! I've tried a red velvet before but it wasn't super moist, your adjustments sound great.

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