Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad

Made this chicken salad last night from Smitten Kitchen. It was perfect for a hot summer evening over crispy fresh greens. I roasted the bone-in chicken breasts in the oven (it makes all the difference). I also added red grapes, a squeeze of lemon, and used half mayo and half plain yogurt.

(pic from Smitten Kitchen)


Wow, Liz! I made this last night and it was divine! So, so yummy! Thanks for sharing!!

I like the addition of cranberries to this salad recipe, never thought to add them! Tart & sweet, nice.

I love smitten kitchen. We tried her black bean tacos the other night, and they were delicious.

well, i bought them already toasted and candied (bonus!), just because that was what I saw in the store. But you don't have to do either (toast or candy)

yum! this looks good, i'll have to try it. did you roast the walnuts first?

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