Strawberry Country Cake

Ever since I listened to Julia Child’s book “My Life in France” I’ve been thinking a lot and doing a lot of cooking/baking. Planning, researching, making notes on recipes I have, trying out new ones. It’s been really fun and I plan to continue, so you’ll probably see some more foodie posts on here (is that okay?).

Made this beautiful cake when we had some friends over Sunday night. I can’t believe 8 adults polished off this entire cake. Do you see how huge is was? It was delicious. It is one of my sister in law, Erin’s, favorite cakes and now it’s one of my favorites. Simple and fresh and a nice presentation. Lemon and orange zest plus sour cream in the batter made all the difference. Ina Garten never fails me. Recipe here.
notes: Don’t bake it for as long as it says (I only baked it about 35 minutes) and double the strawberries


Liz! That looks amazing. I’m totally making that cake. If you and Erin like it…well, I’m sure it’s fantastic. Love the picture.

You officially just ruined my diet. I think I will be making this asap. And ps, I am seriously so impressed by your cooking abilities! Are you sure you are the same girl who burned just add water brownies in college!? You have come so far (and I’m seriously jealous!)

Oh this is so getting made…as soon as the Mexican Chocolate Cake is gone. That’ll be in like 10 seconds!

Gasp! I just ordered Julie Child’s book last week and it was delivered yesterday!! I am so putting it to the top of my reading list.xox

that looks so good, i wonder if i have all the ingredients to make it for breakfast.

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