Homemade Bagels

Have been thinking about New York a lot lately and decided to try my hand at some traditional boiled-before-baked New York bagels this morning.

Started with a heavy and stiff loaf, which rose for an hour
Cut them into 12 (kind of) equal parts
Shaped into bagels ( I just poked a hole in the middle of a ball, not connecting a rod). Rose again for another 30 minutes.
Boiled for a couple minutes (they should drop and then rise up within 30 seconds), topped with some yummy toppings and then baked for 25 minutes
They were really really delicious. Made some chive cream cheese to top off these savory beauties. Definitely making these again. Beats any bagel you can buy here in Utah- by far. I don’t think I cooked the first batch for long enough, but the second batch turned out much better-crusty on the outside, chewy and soft in the middle.
Next time, I’ll going to try sweet varieties (Jared likes those the best): cinnamon raisin, apple strudel, blueberry, chocolate chip

Full recipe found here with these adjustments:
1. Knead for 15 minutes, not 5
2. Boil face-up without turning over so they don’t flatten on top
3. Bake for about 25-30 minutes, so bottom and top are both browned


mmm, they look good. i’m going to have to try them! the boiling sounds so weird, but if it works, it works.

LIZ! I just found your blog because a friend of mine shared this bagel post with me. As I was making these today I realized this was your blog! How funny and what a small world.

those look delicious! I think I need to try that sometime… doesn’t look too difficult. 😀

I’ve never thought to make homemade bagels but now i’m dying to try!

So…. is it true that they can’t fully be reproduced out west? Were they as JUST as good as the east coast variety?

holy crap those look great. i miss east coast bagels so much. i am going to try them soon. yum.

Rachel- Just don’t flip them when you boil them, I flipped the first couple while I was boiling them and they flattened with dimples

The way I entertained Henry was A. Doing a lot of it during his nap and B. inviting over some of his friends to entertain him while their mom and I baked 🙂

My recipe says to boil them for 2 minutes and they turn out really dimpled, not pretty like yours. I am going to try them again and boil them for a shorter time.

I have to say that I am REALLY impressed. The food, the crafts, the photos! All VERY, VERY cool…

seriously can you just send me some? everything looks so good on your blog. you need to hurry and post some photos of your chairs! p.s. i hope your drive home went well:) oy. can i pleeeease be invited to your private blog???

Wow, you are WAY too domestic for me! How does your kid let you do this? Mine hangs on my legs and whines. I’m really impressed. Next time I’m in town I expect home made bagels every morning (and I mean EVERY morning, none of this day old crap!) ha ha, you know I love you.

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