Blue Lemon Bistro

Missing LOST this week (i’ll be honest, I’m kind of over it anyway but don’t tell my crush Jack) was definitely worth it to get together with some other Utah lady bloggers and get a fabulous free meal at a new clean food eatery (organic, when organic makes sense is how the owner described it), Blue Lemon Bistro, in Alpine. The food really was fantastic: all natural blue sky sodas, great selection of delicious entrees (like the famous lasagna and mmmm raspberry chicken salad). Plus the owner, Lychelle, is pretty much the nicest person ever.
Bonus: There’s a whole class area in the back where they’re going to have kids cooking classes and iron chef date nights (doesn’t that sound fun?).
Good job, Utah county!
Here’s the info:

Blue Lemon
11073 north alpine hwy
Highland Utah 84003
Mon-Thur: 11.30a-10p
Fri-Sat: 11.30a-11p

See a pic of the lovely group of ladies here (from Kami’s blog No Biggie)

{photos from blue lemon site}


So great to meet you, Liz. Hard to get around and really know everyone. That means we need to have a “next time”! :)Beautiful pics, BTW. I’m dying to go back. The food was tremendous!

It was so fun to hang out again, we need to do it again soon!

It was great to meet you, Liz! What a fun night and great food…I loved it!

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