Mini Shepard’s Pies

The perfect winter comfort food. I wasn’t really a fan of shepard’s pie (seemed too much like an 80s casserole dish) until I tried this great recipe seen on Your Heart Out; and baked them in mini ramekins. Everything tastes better in a mini ramekin, right?
Must try the recipe here.

{I didn’t have light for a good photo, but martha did}


on second thought, that doesn’t say much, he would have eaten pan of dirt he was so hungry

i think aaron is a blog stalker. that’s where he came up with the idea. it’s really good, try it. a little time intensive (you have to make mashed potatoes, etc) but great! jared literally ate a whole pan of it after a long day backcountry skiing on saturday

This is so funny, Aaron JUST asked me why I never make shepherd’s pie and I said “because its nasty”! But that actually looks good, I just might give it a try. But I have no fancy pans I can’t pronounce so we’ll just do ours in the casserole dish.

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