Free Cupcakes in Salt Lake

Seen on YHO, free cupcakes in town!
Mini Cupcake (today and tomorrow are the last days) and So Cupcake (just tomorrow).
So go pick one up. Then put on a disguise and pick up another.
Baby Hank will be going in and getting ‘his’ free cupcake as well.



So mad I did not see this earlier, we are in so cupcake tons

i just got back from mini’s! i just tried the vegan vanilla for the first time and loved it. the frosting is different than her usual ones…but so good.p.s. that turquoise desk you posted today on YHO is so adorable! i love that color so much.

molly, oh yes. the banana pie cupcake is my favorite. it’s amazing!

I am SO at So cupcake tomorrow. FYI… if you have not tried the Banana cupcake, you NEED too.

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