Steak Shish-ka-bobs

So Erin made these delicious steak shish ka bobs for Jared’s surprise party. Sunday we grilled up the rest of the meat and because it had been sitting in the marinade for a couple more days it was even MORE delicious. I am definitely making these a bbq staple (we own 1/3 of our neighbor’s bbq). Recipe here.
Does anyone have a good chicken marinade for shish ka bobs?


Toss chicken pieces with:1-3 cloves garlic, minced3T. mango chutney2T. dijon mustardthread onto skewers and grill. easy.your party looked fabulous.

I have a great recipe for Korean BBQ – Kal bi.Sauce:1/2 cup soy.1/2 cup sugar1 bunch garlic1/2 onion2-3 stems of green onion1/2 tspn of black pepper1/4 cup seasame oilBuy really thinly sliced beef (if possible, from a Korean Market, but any butcher can just thinly slice some beef). Let marinate (the longer the better). Grill it up. It’s DELICIOUS!

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