Livingston stationary

Our friends Patrick and Lindsay came over last night to do some serious goccoing and feasting (delicious white bean and chicken chili and mema’s homemade bread). Patrick is a great illustrator so he drew the image above and we goccoed it on two separate screens to incorporate the brown and pink flowers on the same design. I wish I could draw like Patrick. I think they turned out really nice. Consider yourself lucky to get one of these bad boys in the mail one day from the Livingstons.


yeah i substituted an extra cup of white for wheat and boy was is delicious.

oh yeah the bread was AWESOME! whatever liz did to the bread was magical, it was so tasty. hey fyi i’m not just saying that because she’s my wife you guys, honest.

How is the bread baking going? I gave the recipe to Christian the other day.

I can’t believe that that’s what the Patrick and Lindsay link goes to. For the record, I am not a pervert. Oh, yeah, and I was tickled with how these turned out. Thanks, Liz, for the gocco loan!

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