One Day in Salt Lake City, Utah


When Henry was a baby we lived in Salt Lake City for 2 years and really loved our time there. It’s nestled against beautiful mountains, has so many hidden treasures and outdoor activities. So much has changed though since we lived there, so I asked my niece Roxcy at University of Utah who spends most of her weekends exploring downtown to give me a little tour of some old and new spots. If you have one day in Salt Lake City, here would be our itinerary…

This post is sponsored by Uber, which makes getting to and from our favorite spots in Salt Lake City even easier. 

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9am Eva’s Bakery. Grab an Uber and head to Eva’s Bakery right on Main Street in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. Roxcy just spent the last year living in Paris, so this sweet little European cafe feels perfectly at home to her. A brightly colored exterior, cafe seating inside and out, and a delicious selection of pastries and coffee. On Sundays they serve a yummy brunch too!



We use UberX‘s all the time around town in San Francisco. To and from nights out with friends or dates with Jared, to and from the airport, in and out of the city on a late night, to work events, etc. It’s a huge part of my daily schedule and our traveling plans.


On vacation when we’re trying to fit a lot into our schedule in a short amount of time, UberX‘s are even more valuable and make so much sense. I know Uber’s been in the news a lot lately, but I really do use them all the time and am hopeful about positive changes moving forward for the company.


10am Ensign Peak hike. There are so many beautiful hikes in Utah. We love anything up the Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons, but today we’re taking a really simple hike downtown with a great view right above the state capital called Ensign Peak. It’s only a 10 minute Uber ride from Eva’s Bakery. You can take a quick hike with sweeping city views, and also a tour through some historic buildings on your Uber ride to and from the trailhead.



If it seems like the city is lined up perfectly from this point, you’re totally right. Salt Lake was built on a grid to be exactly south of Ensign peak.


12pm Boutique shopping. One of my favorite things about Salt Lake are all the little boutiques that have been popping up the last few years. There are some really great vintage and small clothing boutiques like Decades (vintage), Name Droppers (high end consignment), and Mabo Kids (kids + womens). Today we’re hitting up Mabo since it’s in a great location called 9th and 9th with several other boutiques, coffee shops, and a few of my favorite spots to grab a bite to eat like Mazza, Publik Kitchen and Pizza Nono.



2pm  Picnic in the park. Take an Uber to Liberty Heights Fresh just a few minutes away to grab picnic items (if you didn’t eat lunch during your boutique shopping). It’s a gourmet little grocery shop with speciality cheeses, fruit and veggies, fresh baguettes, dips, and other little treats to take for the road. They even had my very favorite cheese, Cow Girl Creamery Wagon Wheel from the bay area.




3pm Liberty Park rides. There are so many things to do in Liberty Park. You can rent a paddle boat, visit a Folk Art Museum, a botanical garden, splash in some water with the kids in little streams and playgrounds. A couple of my very favorite things to do though are to visit Tracy Aviary and also the little carnival rides (only $2 a person!).



With carnival treats like fresh frozen custard and sno cones, it’s a nearly perfect afternoon spot.


Another great afternoon option instead of Liberty Park is Red Butte Garden (which also has a great concert series you should check out!)

7pm Dinner at Takashi. There are a ton of great spots to grab dinner, but if you haven’t checked out the sushi joint Takashi, it’s worth a meal there! Absolutely delicious fresh fish.

9pm After dinner drinks. Afterwards, if you’re in the bar hopping mood, check out Bar X or Beer Bar. If you’re up for something a little different, The Rest is a fun place with a secret speak easy in the basement.


Thanks to Uber for sponsoring this post. Thanks Roxcy for joining me on our day in Salt Lake! 


For some reason, I can’t see the full post of this article and I would really love to!

I was born and raised in Salt Lake, and there are great places popping up all the time! I love many of the spots you mentioned. I’d add Tulie Bakery, Le Madeleine, and Ruby Snap– all great places downtown for treats!

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