New Neighbor Gift: An Herb Bouquet


We’ve got a simple and sweet smelling idea for a new neighbor moving onto your street this summer: an herb bouquet! Gorgeous and also super useful (think of it as the alternative to a delivery of fresh zucchini from your garden). Plus, the best part is you don’t need a garden to put it together. You can get it all at your local market! My friend Anne of Fleurish CA came over to show us how to do it…


The best place to find fresh herbs is probably your local farmer’s market! Or if you’re in the bay area we’d recommend Berkeley Bowl or another really fresh market.


Here are the ones to look for that will be fragrant and also beautiful:  oregano, mint, rosemary, scabiosa (the small white bloom), veronica (the tall white bloom), helbore, thistle and scabiosa pods (the brown pods).


To put it together, group like herbs together in bunches instead of spreading them out like you would florals. Because they’re wispy, keeping them together helps you see them.  Tie with a ribbon or piece of burlap. Whatever you’d like. Doorbell ditch on your new neighbor’s porch!



Photography by Liz Stanley. Thanks to Anne of Fleurish CA for help putting this together! 


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