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It’s been fun exploring our new Oakland neighborhood. I love how there are little shopping areas nestled into various residential communities so that much of the city is walkable to shops and restaurants. Because we live so close to Montclair village, it’s become our go-to spot but I’ve been trying to explore new ones on date nights and team lunches. Today in partnership with Uber, we’re sharing photos from a team lunch with Gaby and Stephanie who work with me on photoshoots and crafting behind the scenes here at Say Yes. Last week we found a gem of a spot in the Grand Lake Street neighborhood…


I’d heard a lot about a new spot called Grand Fare Market, just a few minutes from my home.  They have a great selection of fresh sandwiches, salads, vegetables, and pasta dishes in a casual setting. It’s kind of a market/cafe hybrid. You can grab a baguette, fancy cheese and wine for a dinner, or sit down and have lunch friends. I especially love all the outdoor seating on their huge patio. You feel like you’re enjoying lunch in a secret garden.



Today we were meeting up for lunch meeting after running some errands for a few Halloween costumes we were working on that week. I had just finished a photoshoot and meeting with an Uber partner, Jim, and Gaby and Sarah were finding some fabric and craft supplies for the costumes. We were all able to use UberX through my Uber for Business account. It’s an easy way for me to manage my team’s local Uber travel as it relates to Say Yes, without giving everyone direct access to my work credit card. I can add and remove people as my team changes, and I can keep up to speed on team usage with weekly reports. It makes my bookkeeping easy because everything’s organized and accurate each month.

Another Uber product I love is uberFAMILY. It makes paying for family and friends easy as I can add them to my uber for families account. When my parents come to visit, it’s an easy way to pay for their Uber from the airport or send a babysitter home.


Over lunch we chatted about what we found and made some decisions about how the crafting would go for those particular costumes.


At Grand Fare Market we grabbed a few dishes to share like the soba salad, beets, grilled cheese, watermelon salad, and a chicken salad sandwich. My favorite was the soba salad- I need to find a good recipe for that to make at home. It was delicious!


They also have a gorgeous little flower market right in their store called Brother and Sisters that we loved. We picked out a pretty pre-made bouquet for a tabletop shoot later that day.



Excited to explore more in my new Oakland neighborhood!

Thanks to Uber for sponsoring this post. Photography by Ashley Batz.


I love Grand Fare! Such a great spot, and yes the outdoor patio is gorgeous!

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