For the Love of Scooters


When we first moved to San Francisco, we lived right across the street to Alamo Square Park (the famous painted ladies) in Hayes Valley. Jared worked downtown and despite being in a very central location, on public transportation it would still about 40 minutes for him to get to work. Which was really frustrating. It was pretty much the same amount of time as walking! Within a couple months he got a scooter and his commute went down to about 10 minutes. Hooray! We’ve been singing the praises of scooters ever since so we were really excited when GenZe reached out with their new electric scooter, the GenZe 2.0 to try out for a few days.


Keep reading to hear more about our love for scooters and the GenZe 2.0…


I was a little wary of scooters at first, and certainly I’m always concerned with safety so we’re always very careful and wear helmets. But they make so much sense in a city. They’re quicker to get around, parking is easier, they’re less expensive than a car, and gas is cheaper. Aaaand if it’s electric like this one than no gas required at all! It’s so convenient to have another mode of transportation too!


So, being scooter fans, we were excited to try out the GenZe 2.0 electric scooter. Here are some initial things we liked about it:

1. The huge storage compartment (where his helmet is above) can easily fit a large grocery bag. In other scooters when we’re running errands you have to balance the bag between your legs or try to hang it on a hook. Having a basket compartment in the back of the scooter is super useful!

2. Instead of starting it with a key, you have a touchscreen display screen and a code. The display shows speed, range and charge level. There are also three modes of riding if you need to get up a hill or are trying to conserve your battery life.


3. It’s so quiet! When they were first showing us how to use it I had no idea it was even on. I felt like such a dummy asking, “Wait, how do you start it then??”. It didn’t make a sound!

4. It’s electric so no gas is needed. It just has to be plugged into any outlet to charge. Which is rad! The battery is also removable and comes with a key so you can bring it into work if you want and charge the battery there instead of finding an outlet outside or something.


5. It maxes out at 30 mph which is perfect for city commuting. If you’re nervous about slower routes, you can download their convenient app which tells you the best GenZe friendly routes to get anywhere. It keeps track of your battery charge so you aren’t stuck with a dead battery in the middle of your commute. The app also includes an up to date weather feature and roadside assistance that can run remote diagnosis to help you get back on your way.


6. And maybe the very best part: because it’s electric there’s no gas, which means no harmful emissions! The Genze 2.0 was designed to balance low environmental impact with power and usability. Win win!


Even here in Oakland Jared uses his scooter a lot. There is free scooter parking at the BART station (as opposed to getting on a decade long waiting list to park you car) so Jared often rides his scooter over to catch a train into the city.

Are you fans of scooters as well for city commuting, adventures and easy errands?

This post was sponsored by GenZe. Life’s better in the GenZe lane.


We are huge fans of scooters as well. This electric one sounds awesome!

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