Highway 1 Ford Adventure: Part 2

lookoutToday I’m sharing Part 2 in our Highway 1 adventure with Ford, all photographed and documented by Henry! Last time we visited a farm, picked apples, visited the animals, had lunch in Tomales Bay town and then stopped by the Tomales Bay beach for bat ray watching and sand castle building. Today we’ll be visiting my favorite overlook of the Pacific, and chase some waves at Muir Beach to search for sharks.

Keep reading for Part 2 of our Highway 1 adventure narrated and photographed by Henry…

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Henry: First we went to the lookout and we looked over to where the beach is. My mom said we might see some whales but I didn’t see any even though I was looking really hard.


I went into an army base and it was hard to get out. My mom didn’t want me to go in but I got out all on my own.


This is the back of Edie’s crazy hair head at the overlook. She was looking at some ships and waves.


Next we went to Muir Beach. Muir Beach has lots of sharks but I wasn’t scared to go. My mom said sometimes they have to close down the beach because there are too many sharks! I saw a shark once there. It floated to the sand because it was sick and all these people were trying to get it to swim back into the water.


My mom told Edie she had to walk herself and she took sooooo long like a snail.


Edie really liked these pictures of the animals on the bridge but we didn’t see any of them in real life.


That’s my mom and Edie right by Muir Beach with lots of sharks.


Edie likes to get water at the beach and put sand in it at the beach. That’s her favorite thing to do.


Edie is a little bit scared of the waves. I’m not scared but it was too cold to go swimming and there are sharks!

lookout5 lookout6


My mom collected these cool rocks on Muir Beach. One is a shark egg I think!


It was a really cloudy day and it looks cool in the sky.


These kids were swimming in the beach with lots of sharks!



That’s all, people! That was our adventure! Hope you liked it! – Henry


This trip really sounds like a great adventure. Love the great photos of the ocean.

This trip really sounds like a great adventure. Love the grateful photos of the ocean.

So I see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! This was a great post by a kid who’s “got an eye” for photography/storytelling! Great post…thanx for sharing! 😉

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