Highway 1 Ford Adventure: Part 1


We’re headed on a road trip today up Highway 1! There is so much to see and explore, I thought I’d give you a little peek into some of our favorite spots and adventures with Ford, who loaned us a roomy new 2016 Ford Explorer to venture out in.

We’re doing something a little different this time. I handed the camera off to Henry, who was in charge of documenting our trip! Instead of my commentary, you get to hear his notes on where we went and what we did. Today is Part 1 of our trip. Here we go…

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Henry: We’re going to the farm and this is my sister Edie next to me in the car! We were driving across Golden Gate Bridge and Edie looks scared. She’s not even 2 so she gets scared sometimes of silly things.

IMG_2821 IMG_2829

Mooooo, there are some cows we drove by on the way to the farm so I took a picture of them with the camera. My mom let me use a real camera, not a phone, to take pictures. If we were outside I bet the cows would smell stinky.


This is the car where we parked at the farm.


This is Edie playing on the hay. I was playing on a scooter which was actually going really fast riding on the hay. Edie didn’t really know how to use the tractor very well.



At the farm we saw two goats and it looked like they were kissing. My mom gave Edie a brush to brush the goats but she was too scared.

farm3 farm4

There were apples everywhere and we were picking them. They were kind of small and you had to be careful about not getting ones with bugs or brown parts on them. Yuk. Sometimes when you picked one apple lots more came down with it.

They were making homemade cider with some kids and an old weird machine the kids were helping turn. I tried the cider after and it was really good. Edie didn’t even try it.


Here is a cow we saw up close at the farm.


Next we went to get some lunch at the Tomales Bay town. This is me and Edie doing a ballet dance on the grass.



There were lots and lots of cheeses in this place.


This is really really yummy bread we got for lunch. My mom got a sandwich but I don’t really like sandwiches. Edie got macaroni and cheese but she didn’t really eat any so we took it home for later. I think I ate almost all the bread by myself.


Edie is like a cool baby here. She’s like, “Ahhh oh yeah!” That was my lemonade I was sharing with her. And her tummy is really round here too cause she loves ice cream.

bay1 bay2

Then we went to the beach at Tomales Bay and I dug this huge hole after lunch to make a pool for Edie to play in.

There were some naked people at the beach! But my mom wouldn’t let me take a picture of them. They were swimming in the water.


These weren’t the naked people. They were playing by us at the beach and had a canoe.


Edie likes to throw sand at the beach and she loves sitting in the chair (here she is standing on it).


Edie’s pants got really wet because she went into the water too far to fill her bucket so we had to change her.



I tried to look for bat rays but we couldn’t find any this time. The water was really dark and wasn’t clear enough. But I see them when we go to the Academy of Science back home.


This is the bay. You can see all the sailboats having a race. – Henry


Edie feel asleep in the car for a little bit cause she was running around like crazy.

Coming up next…season two of our adventure! – Henry


I love this so much! Kids always have a different way of looking at and documenting things. And I especially love all of Henry’s comments about Edie (and the naked people LOL). You can tell he is such a big brother.

Awesome! Henry is so fun and I love all the noted things about how he sees cute Edie.

This is adorable. Loved hearing from Henry – especially his thoughts about his little sister. too sweet!

I loved hearing this adventure story through Henry’s eyes! What a fun way to document this memory:)

I can’t help but feel that it is really poor taste to use your child so explicitly in a sponsored post. What is the difference between this and child labour…?

hahahahaha. ya, he looks like he’s really suffering. All that yummy food and fun. Just as bad as those poor child coal miners working 2 miles underground 12 hours a day for 75c a week…

I think this is quite a cute take on a sponsored post actually. Love his comment about his mom not letting him take pictures of the naked people 🙂

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