3 Favorite Walks in San Francisco


A couple weeks ago we did a post about self-care as a busy mother and two of my friends suggested integrating your social time with your exercise routine which I thought was so smart! They talked about going on walks with friends instead of going out to lunch. I think it’s a brilliant idea. Killing two birds with one stone! So today we’re partnering with the fitness and health tracker Jawbone UP3 to share three favorite walks to take in San Francisco that are moderately strenuous and include beautiful scenery. Grabbing a friend or two makes it that much more enjoyable, and a great way to connect during the busy week.


Keep reading for our more about the Jawbone UP3 and three favorite walks…

I’ve been really impressed with the Jawbone UP3. It tracks fitness, heart rate, but also sleep which is pretty incredible and I think my favorite part about it. You can see how much time you’re spending in light, deep, REM sleep, and also how much time you’re spending awake at night. All of this is synced up with an app so you can easily monitor your progress throughout the day, set goals, arrange ‘duals’ with friends, and gets tips from a virtual coach. It’s good looking too, and can easily double as a bracelet. There are all kind of styles so you can find something that suits your personal tastes and preferences.


Here’s the thing I love the most about it though: you can set an alarm through the app so it wakes you up within a certain time period (say 20 minutes) and finds the optional time within that range to awaken you based on your sleep cycle so you feel the most refreshed when you get up. So genius! I’ve noticed that regardless of how much sleep I’ve gotten, if I wake up during light sleep I feel much more alert than when my alarm goes off during REM sleep. The smart alarm takes care of that and waits to wake you up when it’s optimal. It’s brilliant, especially if you’re not a morning person like me.


Wearing a Jawbone really does make you so hyperaware of how active you are. It makes you want to walk that extra block and grab your running shoes instead of the car keys when you’re heading out for an errand.

So, here are three of our favorite walks in San Francisco to take with your Jawbone and a friend:

1. Telegraph Hill- Filbert/Greenwich St Steps (where we photographed today)
These steps will take you past some of the oldest houses in San Francisco and hopefully you will catch a glimpse of some wild parrots. Parking can be tricky, so I would recommend taking the F line to Greenwich and Embarcadero. The Filbert Street Steps begin near the Embarcadero at Filbert and Battery. Follow the steps all the way to the top and up to Coit Tower. The views here are amazing and the depression-era murals inside are worth checking out. Take the Greenwich Street Steps (which run parallel to Filbert Steps) back down to the Embarcadero, to see the rest of this charming neighborhood.

2. Crissy Fields/Fort Point
This is one of my favorite walks in the city, with the beach and a view of the Golden Gate Bridge (if it’s not foggy!). I usually park in the southernmost parking lot near the marina and head on the path along the beach. It’s around a mile to Fort Point but if you are feeling adventurous you can walk up to the Golden Gate Bridge from there. The Warming Hut is a nice pit stop if you need it with a cafe and bookstore.
3. Bernal Hill
Bernal Hill is located in the Southeast part of the city, it has 360 degree views and lot’s of happy dogs! It’s so beautiful first thing in the morning with the sun coming up over the bay. Start near Precita Park at the base of the hill and hike up Folsom or Alabama Street to Bernal Heights Blvd. Follow the paved path that winds around and takes you to the radio tower at the top of the hill, or take any of the paths straight up the side of the hill for more of a challenge.


Thanks to Jawbone UP for sponsoring this post. And thanks to my Say Yes partners in crime, Sara and Sarah for heading out on a walk with me!


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