Packing School Lunch with Kids

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With Henry, and probably with a lot of other kids, I’ve found it makes a big difference in how he eats at school if he chooses the lunch items himself. When he eats well, he’s going to feel good physically, feel good about himself and have more of those super moments we all want our kids to have. Like getting all of his spelling words right, standing up for himself during recess, or getting a home run kick in kickball.

Today I’m sharing a fun idea to help your kids be more involved in packing their school lunch so they can learn about the importance of a balanced meal, eat better at school, and therefore have more super moments during the day…


Organize your school lunch items into three categories: fruit, veggies, protein, and snacks.

1. Put the fruit items in a bin on the shelf. We’re partnering with Del Monte Fruit and Veggie Fusions today. These ones are Peach Mango but they also have Cherry Fruit Trio and Apple Pear Watermelon (yum!). Plus they pack in 1 serving of fruits and veggies in every cup. I love that they have no high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors or flavors too.

2. Put the snack items in a separate bin on the shelf as well like pretzels, popcorn, granola, and fruit bars, and crackers.

3. Portion out protein like deli meat, string cheese, yogurt and veggies like carrots, snap peas, celery, and place in a bin in the refrigerator.


Show your child where each bin is and why it’s important to include at least one of each in every lunch. When it’s time to pack, your child can pick one item from each bin so they have some say into what goes into their lunch and know why each should be included. You can help use the deli meat and veggies they pick to make a wrap or sandwich while they pick some of the other items.

Here are some ideas on school lunch combinations:


Lunch 1: Pin wheel ham wraps (flattened sandwich bread with lunch meat and veggies), popcorn, granola bar, string cheese, sweet peppers, Del Monte Fusions in Peach Mango,


Lunch 2: Turkey and veggie wrap, yogurt raisins, watermelon, veggie sticks, crackers, Del Monte Fusions in Peach Mango

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This post is sponsored by Del Monte Fruit and Veggie Fusions available at your local Walmart starting September 8th. Photography and styling by Ashley Aikele. Thanks little E for helping put school lunch together this morning!


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