Adventures in Baby Wearing: Golden Gate Bridge

This post is part of a series on Baby Wearing Adventures in and around San Francisco in collaboration with Ergobaby and Orbit. Find more of our adventures right here.


Excited to share with you another adventure in baby wearing today. This time I’m walking with Edie across the Golden Gate Bridge for her very first time and we invited Jenner Brown to come along with us and document our trip in this little video below. The Golden Gate Bridge is only a couple minutes from our home so you’d think we’d be there all the time but it’s actually a rare occasion that we go (so funny how tourist spots tend to be that way for locals). In the 10 months Edie’s been with us we’d never taken her across! We lucked out with a gorgeous day and even saw some seals below the bridge. There were so many things for her to take in, she loved it.

I hope you enjoy watching it:

These posts are in collaboration with two of my favorite baby products (and they aren’t paying me to say that!): The ErgoBaby 360 four position carrier (we did the back carry this time and then switched to the front when she got sleepy) and the Orbit car seat which really is life changing how it swivels for such an easy in and out process. I’m a huge fan of both of these products. Check out the video above to see what I mean! 5



Video by Jenner Brown. Graphics by Rebecca Ricks.  Big thanks to Ergobaby and Orbit for sponsoring this post. 


love this. one of my favorite memories is walking across the golden gate bridge with my husband and babes when they were 8 months old and 2.5. My husband strolled/walked with our son and I had my daughter in the Ergo. We made it the whole way and back…it was a long way! The ergo is so awesome I was even able to nurse my daughter while walking back…such a sweet memory and your video made me a little emotional remembering. My little 8 month old is about to turn 5 in 2.5 weeks. sniff, sniff! thanks for bringing back such a wonderful memory!

Gorgeous video!
I’m yet to take my little one for a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. In fact, in the three years that I’ve lived here I’ve only ever walked across it once. It’s funny how that happens when you’re so close to major tourist attractions!
The one time I walked across the bridge with my two older kids it was late December, bitterly cold and super windy. My then 4 year old was terrified of the cars zooming by so close but my then 1 year old loved it as she was warm and snug in her Ergo! Of course, we made the mistake of getting off the bus at the SF end and walking across only to be stranded on the Marin side! With one kid freaking out at the prospect of walking across again and no buses in sight we were a little stuck until a very nice tour bus driver offered to take us back for free 🙂
We’ve got friends visiting from Australia in a few weeks so I’ll be trying my hardest to convince my oldest to walk the bridge again. Although this time we know to get off the bus on the other side and walk back!

Hi Sally! Yes it’s kind of long to walk all the way across. I”ve never walked all the way across, especially with kids- you’re a super mom! We just walk to the firs tower and back and yes sometimes it’s crazy cold and windy! such a fun experience though. hope you get a chance to do it again!

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