How to Build a Living Room Fort

how to make a living room fort

In day 2 of Summer Camp inspired week we are sharing the ins and outs of building a fort in your living room. Perfect for a rainy summer day inside or a lazy day of movies, books, and snuggling. Even a simple lunch with your kids or an afternoon movie can feel special when enjoyed from inside a living room fort!

livingroom fort

We experimented with a bunch of different techniques to do it and came up with the simplest way to get a great result. Here’s how to do it…

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted and modeling by Maddie Bachelder

Here are some simple supplies you’ll need: clothespins, safety pins, string, scissors

livingroom fort

And of course: a whole bunch of blankets, sheets, fabric

livingroom fort

Here are the steps and tips:

livingroom fort

Step 1: Find the biggest sheet you can find or a banquet tablecloth. Tie some string to a doorway fixture on one side  and a window or another fixture on the other side (see details on what to tie things to below).  You want to tie the string as tight as you can, which may take two people to do.

livingroom fort

Step 2: Drap the sheet or tablecloth over the string. To keep the fabric in place, use clothespins. We also had industrial clips as well but these clothespins worked great! The industrial clips were overkill and clothespins were easier for kids to help with anyway.

Some tips for tying and holding it together:

livingroom fort

1. In doorways, look for the hinge. It’s a great place to tie a string.

2. At the other end, tie the string to a safety pin and then attach the pin to the sheet or fabric to give it a little lift off the ground.

livingroom fort

3. Another great place to tie a string around is a bookcase.

4.Use a chair or stool to create more lift in the fort and then clothespins to keep the fabric or sheet in place.

livingroom fort

Step 3: Once the ends are tied and the top is secure with clothespins, add a few more layers of sheets (the lighter weight the better, keep the blankets to lie on inside the fort). You can secure the sheets and fabric to each other with more clothespins. It makes a great fabric door as well that you can open or close with the clothespin.

livingroom fort

Did you build forts growing up? Any favorite tricks or tips you have to share?

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I used to make tents and forts in the house ALL THE TIME when I was growing up. My siblings and I absolutely adored doing it! This is a great throwback to my childhood, and make me want to drag out all of my blankets and make another one. 🙂

Oh adorable is this. I love the colors too. Where are those pretty floral sheets from?

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