How to Make a Flower Crown, Two Ways

how to make a flower crown

A couple months ago I found myself in the most gorgeous field of dandelions on a bike ride with Henry in Golden Gate Park. I started picking them with this romantic and nostalgic idea of creating a flower crown and then realized I actually had no idea how to make one. Seems like it should have been simple but I found myself frustrated and eyes strained in the sun googling ‘how to make a flower crown’ with limited service on my phone instead of weaving and twisting barefoot with wild abandon in that gorgeous field.

Curious how to make a flower crown? Let’s get into it!

how to make a flower crown

So here’s to being prepared next time you find yourself in a super insta-grammable field of wildflowers one lazy summer afternoon: How to Make a Flower Crown, Two Totally Hippy Dippy Free Lovin Barefoot Ways.

how to make a flower crown

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted and modeling by Maddie Bachelder (my awesome summer intern is back this year!)

how to make a flower crown

Classic Method:

Basic and classic. Stems must be able to be split easily, as seen below.

Step 1: Take your first flower and gently split the stem in half as seen above to create a small hole, just enough to fit a stem through. We did it about 2/3rds of the way up the stem.

Step 2: Take your second flower and stick the stem through the hole you just made.

Step 3: Continue to add more flowers in the same fashion.

Step 4: To finish, create a larger hole that will fit a whole flower head through and thread your first flower through the last stem. Trim ends as needed.

how to make a flower crown

Clustered Method:

More time intensive (5 minutes). Producing closer flower bunches which we liked, but stems must be more malleable and not break when tied

Step 1: Start with 2 long-ish stems. Holding one in front of the other, wrap the stem under, around the other stem, and then around itself (might be easier just to look at the first photo and copy that knot).

Step 2: To add a third flower, do the same as above but wrap it not around the 2 stems.

Step 3: Continue to add flowers. Move them as closer or far away as you’d like (a major advantage of this method!). You can finish it by creating a large hole the flower can stick through as seen above in method 1.

With both options, we liked adding small wildflowers at the end, pocking them through holes and knots in spots that seemed to need it.

how to make a flower crown

how to make a flower crown


So pretty. I need to take more time to pick wild flowers and make flower crowns

Just lovely! I’m laughing at your romantic idea turned into a iPhone googling session in the sun. hate when that happens!

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