A Bike Ride in Golden Gate Park

biking golden gate park

Ever since Edie was born my one on one time with Henry has been cut down considerably. Gone are the days when Henry comes home from school and has my undivided attention to watercolor or put together a puzzle.  Edie requires so much attention when we’re at home so all that one on one time now has to be scheduled to when Edie’s sleeping or when Jared’s able to watch her. One of our favorite things to do together when we have one on one time is ride bikes! Henry just mastered riding a two wheeler a couple months ago and it’s made the biggest difference in our one on one afternoons. We’re spending so much more time outdoors which always feel amazing. Golden Gate Park is just across the street from where we live so it’s one of our favorite spots to bike.biking golden gate park

So today I partnered with Blue Diamond Almonds to share a few of our favorite spots to bike around and explore in Golden Gate Park  (plus a lovely afternoon picnic)…

biking golden gate park

biking golden gate park

 Photography by Loren Croiser

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds.

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It always amazes me that you can spend so much time in Golden Gate Park and still find something new and incredible there. So much effort and love has gone into creating this beautiful outdoor space. It’s lush and green, and the plant variety is incredible. There are trails and secret fairy doors, bamboo mazes, lakes and waterfalls, and hundreds of hidden paths and climbing to trees to explore. Although our neighborhood in the Richmond isn’t considered super desirable since it’s not very walkable and doesn’t have trendy shops or easy transportation, we feel so lucky to live just across the street from such an amazing outdoor oasis.

Here are a few favorite spots we like to explore on our bikes in the park:

biking golden gate park

1. The Redwood Grove. Right across the street and through the Rose Garden is a secret little redwood grove to the left. It’s the perfect place to explore on a hot day (as it was the day we took these pictures last week) because it rarely gets direct sun and is so peaceful in the late afternoon. You feel like you’re transported to another place. It’s easy to forget that you’re still in the city!

biking golden gate park

We biked through the dirt and down to a little clearing where we set up a simple picnic of berries and some cans of Blue Diamond Almonds. Such a great healthy snack to bring along on our rides. There are lots of yummy flavors, my favorites are the toastedcoconut and the lime and chili.


biking golden gate park

biking golden gate park


2. Twisted climbing trees. These are located at several spots but one favorite is just west of the path leading from the Rose Garden to the Japanese Tea Gardens. There are strong, low lying branches that seem to extend forever. A perfect spot for little legs to stretch and explore (and for me to have a seat).

biking golden gate park

3. Fairy Doors. There are a few of them and so special. Someone has created a door that fits perfectly into the hole at the base of a tree, or log (as is the one below). The ones we know of are in the Grand Concourse, which is between the DeYoung and Academy of Science (I explored that a couple weeks ago here), and in the path between the Rose Garden and Japanese Tea Gardens. There are always found treasures left inside. It’s very sweet and one of Henry’s favorite spots.


5. Japanese Tea Gardens. I talk lots more about this spot right here. It’s just magical and if you show up before 10am on mon/wed/fri it’s free admission!  A great place for a walk on a foggy SF morning.


(My own Japanese Tea Garden images above)

6. Stow Lake. Just lovely. I have a separate post about this coming up soon! You can rent a boat, feed ducks, or enjoy lunch in the newly renovated boat house. There’s a waterfall to climb (here’s a post about that from last year with Blue Diamond Almonds), and hikes to the top of Strawberry Hill lead to spectacular view of the city and bay (just watch out for the coyote!).


Do you have a favorite spot in Golden Gate Park? Where do you like to bike in your neighborhood?


While I noticed Henry’s helmet as well, what I really noticed was you wearing your helmet! As a bike riding mama myself, it infuriates me to no end when parents think that they are invisible to injury! well that and they don’t want to mess up their hair! Thanks for wearing one! also did you see this on pinterest? just in case you need cute hair when you take your helmet off!


thanks for opening up a day with henry. it’s not easy to showcase your personal life and be subject to criticism. you handle it well. 🙂 we started doing date nights, even for a half hour with each parent and each kid, minus the baby for now. it really helps as a parent to feel like you’re identifying with each child and we notice an increase in positive behavior when we do concentrated one on one time. bike rides and picnics sound lovely!

I just moved to Oakland and I miss GG park! Can I ask where the cute blanket is from?

I totally feel you on this story. I miss my special alone time with my son now that I have a baby girl. I try to find little moments every day just to spend with him, even if its just reading a book before bed.

GGP is one of my very favorite places in the city. We go there all the time and do dog walks through all the trails!

I second the bike helmet not fitting, though. That’s a very dangerous way for him to wear it – the whole front of his skull is vulnerable, and going head-first over a bike in a crash is a very common accident. He either needs a smaller size or tighter straps (possibly both!).

Thanks! You’re right, I was distracted during the shoot and didn’t get it on properly, we’ll make sure next time.

Gorgeous scenery. SF definitely wins on urban parks that feel far away from the city. FYI, Henry’s helmet is way too far back. You want to protect that frontal lobe in a crash, so it should be on his forehead. A bike shop could help you fit it on him properly.

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