Homemade S’mores Date Night

smores1I’ve been working with HowAboutWe for Couples the last few months doing fun dates around the city. Last month we did a tasting tour of the mission, and a couple months before we had super helpful closet edit date. It’s been really fun.  HowAboutWe started as a dating site, but has now branched out into HowAboutWe for Couples where is curates cool and unique dates for you and your partner.


When I spotted the homemade gourmet s’mores class hosted at 18 Reasons pregnancy cravings took over and we signed up immediately. Hello! It was taught by Shauna Server of Piece of Cake and who wrote some yummy looking books Pure Vanilla and Marshmallow Madness.

smores8She taught us how to make homemade marshmallows, homemade graham crackers (WHAT), and chocolate ganache. The result was the most amazing s’more I’ve ever tasted, maybe one of the most amazing treats I’ve ever tasted. I’ve been thinking about them ever since and having serious regrets that I hadn’t snagged a few extra when everyone else was looking the other way.  Risky, yes, but they were that good and would anyone have really judged the pregnant lady harshly as she shoved an extra s’more down her throat? Oh, regrets!

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smores4Shauna was a pro! She was so entertaining to watch and we could ask questions and interrupt her all we wanted. I was also amazed how she managed to do all this baking and not lick her fingers once or give that raw graham cracker dough a taste. I mean, talk about expert level here. I’m such a finger licker baker, personally.

smores3While the marshmallows were setting we had a delicious family style dinner with seasonal veggies and chicken. We had a really interesting mix of people, most were locals but some were traveling and from all over. Almost everyone had found out about the class through HowAboutWe. Small world!

smores9Yes, FINALLY it’s time to cut those marshmallows and assemble our desserts!



smores6Yes, that is one excited pregnant woman about to eat a homemade s’more!

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oh my goodness this is amazing! this would be so fun to do with my husband. and gosh dang i just want one of those s’mores! we will definitely have to check it out soon!

This looks so fun! I am dying for How About We to come to Boston! It looks like such a great way to try new things AND go on a date with my husband, both important and fun. Best of luck with the new addition, you look adorable.

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