Streetcar I Spy in San Francisco ( + Free Printable)

san francisco sight seeing with kidsSometimes we like to play tourist even in our own city, there’s always something new and interesting to discover. One of the best ways I like to get Henry excited about walking around the city is to play a game of i spy with small details and interesting things for kids to find as you travel from point A to point B.

sanfrancisco_ispygame1For this i spy game we took the streetcar on the Embarcadero from Fisherman’s Wharf to the Ferry Building with a little print out in hand of all the interesting things to discover along the way. We teamed up with Blue Diamond Almonds so of course we had some almond snacks to keep us fueled on our city adventure. Keep reading to get the print out printable game + see more pictures from our outing…

Photography by Liz Stanley, printable designed by Ashley Aikele

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ispysanfranciscokids(Download it right here)


san francisco sight seeing with kidsWe picked a busy Friday afternoon on the Embarcadero, everyone was packed into those streetcars like sardines! So we decided to walk one way and then took the street car on the way back where we could find any i spy items we might have missed.

sanfrancisco_ispygame7We checked off a few items pretty quickly on our i spy list like seals, ‘another street car’, colorful flags, cotton candy booth, bike taxi, etc.

sanfrancisco_ispygame4There were a few items we had to wait until the ferry building to see like a ferry, someone playing a musical instrument, yellow umbrellas, theĀ  number 9 on a building (we actually walked by a bunch of 9s which I tried to point out but Henry was distracted by too much other stuff going on).

sanfrancisco_ispygame3The huge clock tower! Last item checked off on our list. Henry’s been interested in telling time lately so we stopped for a minute and tried to read the clock together.

sanfrancisco_ispygame5We ended in the ferry building where we picked up some fresh bread for dinner and fruit. Then we jumped on the streetcar back, it wasn’t too crowded going the other way luckily. A nice Friday afternoon outing!
PS I did a Sites and Bites of the Ferry Building a few months ago if you’d like to see some must-try favorites


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This is a cute idea- my daughter hates tourism but she’d probably love something like this.

Since we just moved to San Francisco I still love playing tourist sometimes, and by sometimes i mean all the time. This is such a fun idea! I love it.


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