Tahoe Ski Trip

We’ve never taken a real Christmas vacation before, it’s always either visiting family or staying at home but this year I was really looking forward to a little trip with just our family. We decided on Tahoe because Henry has really taken to skiing like Jared, and I was really itching to be somewhere wintery (and we sure did get it- there were feet of snow!).

Just as we were starting to make plans, Enrout contacted me about reviewing their vacation rental search site for a trip so I gladly agreed. Enrout is a comprehensive search of a bunch of vacation rental sites that we’ve probably all used before like AirBnb, Flip Key, Home Away, and lots others. It’s great because there are so many more choices since you’re searching a dozen sites at once. I had only a few must haves for a rental: 2 bedrooms, tv with cable (we don’t have cable so it’s always a special treat when we get to watch tv!), high speed internet, hot tub (must have). I customized my search to include all those things, and we still ended up with some great options even during the busiest week of the year up there. We ended up with a great condo in Tahoe City within 20 minutes from three different ski resorts.

Some more instagram photos and details about our trip…

Tahoe is only 3 hours from San Francisco but worlds different in climate! It’s about 60 degrees here but we entered a winter wonderland as we got up into the Sierra mountains.  I was so excited to see some snow, since I miss it especially during the holidays.

The condo was perfect- cozy and comfy but we were anxious to head out skiing, even after the early morning drive.

Tahoe had just gotten a ton of snow, but the first day was a blizzard! It was beautiful, but Henry and I ended up spending most of the time drinking hot cocoa in the lodge while Jared gladly braved the storm.

The second day was much better, a little sun and still great snow. I was so impressed with Henry’s skiing, he especially liked the terrain park for the jumps.

The second day some friends of ours came up, we took a break from skiing and headed out to a great little sledding hill. That hill looks wimpy but believe me it was crazy fast in our cheapie flying saucer.

Henry liked stomping around in the snow too and making snow angels

We had a great time and hope to come back again next Christmas!

Big thanks to Enrout for helping sponsor our trip to Tahoe


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