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Today for Sites and Bites we’re experiencing the very best gourmet donuts in town, called Dynamo Donuts, and one of my favorite places to find home furnishings and clothing in the neighboring area of the Mission called Therapy. Two of my very favorite spots in San Francisco!

I first found out about Dynamo Donuts when my husband told me someone from his work had brought in the most amazing apple donuts with bacon on top. Actually. I think before he mentioned their famous bacon flavor he told me that these donuts were $3 each (!!) but totally worth it for the experience; and I agree fully! The flavors are super unique and fancy like Banana De Leche, Chocolate Rose, Lemon Pistachio, Ginger Orange, Bacon Apple, etc. They’re changing all the time (see a list here) and they run out quick so best to hit it up in the am before shopping.

The bigger the group you go with the better. Because then you can get one of each kind, cut them in pieces, and taste a little of everything. Amazing!

Keep reading to find out about one of my favorites stores for home furnishings and clothing, Therapy. Plus a map of this week’s sites and bites!

The first time I walked into Therapy I remember thinking I needed everything in the store to re-decorate our apartment. A fantastic mix of vintage with mid-century which is totally up my ally. There’s also a fantastic clothing version of Therapy next door that has really great sales this time of year. I really love their sophisticated, drapey pieces they always seem to pick perfectly. A great place to get a nice silk button up shirt for dinner with friends or a little dress for a date night. They have a few locations in the SF bay area, check out the full list. And I’m excited to hear they’re working on opening on online shop as well for all of you not living in the area. That whole part of the mission is amazing, we’ll be back to explore it again soon!

Here’s where to find Dynamo Donuts and Therapy:

Dynamo Donuts
2760 24th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

545 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110



this post must have been in my subconscious when i was driving through the ‘burbs and the reason behind why i just had to stop by krispy kreme when the flashing ‘hot donuts now’ sign was blazing.

Dynamo Donuts is seriously what I miss MOST of ALL about not eating sugar.
Great post, though 🙂
I love Therapy, too!!

Yum! Bacon Apple and Chocolate Rose sound amazing. I will absolutely have to add this to my list for the next time I’m in San Francisco.

I’ve been wanting to pay a visit to Dynamo Donuts since I left SF back in 2009. Maple Glazed Bacon Apple?! Seriously, these donuts looks amazing.

Oh, what would I give for a lemon and pistachio doughnut?! And I don’t even consider myself a doughnut person! Gah, it looks just amazing.

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