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Hey guys! We’re back with another Sites and Bites today. This time we headed to the charming neighborhood of Cole Valley where we’re browsing a really sweet vintage children’s store that just opened called Tantrum and then heading across the street to The Ice Cream Bar, a full service style soda fountain for some delicious ice cream sodas of the most creative and incredible variety.

I was so happy to find this children’s shop, Tantrum. Jared’s friend knew the owner so we stopped by one day. A really beautifully curated collection of vintage clothing, toys, and vintage inspired handmade goods. Everything about it is so charming and sweet from the decor to the price tags and packaging. The owner is really nice as well. She let me come in when they were already closed and I snapped a few shots as her cute kids were watching The Incredibles in the back while she finished up closing out the cash register.

Across the street from Tantrum is a great place to grab an afternoon ice cream soda treat. The Ice Cream Bar is a full service 1930s style soda fountain and lunch counter that specializes in really unique flavors of house made ice cream sodas, shakes and sundaes. The soda fountain ‘chemist’ is behind the counter who put together our Bonnie Vie #2 (fresh pink grapefruit, turbinado syrup, basil ice cream, citric acid, fresh basil) with incredible speed and skill! He was amazing to watch and the result was really delicious.

Keep reading to see where to see a map of where to find Tantrum and The Ice Cream Bar…

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Love the Ice cream bar, they know what a brown cow is! And i can’t wait to check out Tantrum, wondering what store it took over. Cole Valley is so quaint.

That has to be the most interesting sounding ice cream soda I’ve ever heard of. I have no idea what turbinado syprup is but I’m guessing it goes perfectly with grapefruit and basil. Such as pity I live 10,000km away from that shop…

This ice cream bar sounds amazing! I’ll have to try it next time I’m in up in San Fran!

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