Sites and Bites

Today for Sites and Bites I’m taking you to the crooked section of Lombard Street paired with the most delicious treat, a whoopie pie from Suzie Cakes. The crooked street (Lombard street), was one of the steepest streets of its time in the 1920s and too difficult for most cars to naviagate. They created these crazy switchbacks to make it more safe. Since then, it has become an iconic symbol of San Francisco and a tribute to the fairytale-like beauty of this amazing city. The gardens alone are beautiful to look at on your curvy drive down.

The crooked street is two blocks away from the steepest navigable street in San Francisco, Filbert between Hyde and Leavenworth. I’m kind of obsessed with steep streets, and driving down this section is one of my favorite things to do with tourists after going down Lombard. There are stairs on the sidewalk because it’s that dangerous to even walk! This is the main street they bounced all those balls down for that beautiful Bravia commercial.

A few minutes away from Lombard and Filbert streets is a really delicious bakery in the marina called Suzie Cakes. The strawberry flavored cupcakes are really yummy, but thankfully Jordan introduced me to their whoopie pies a couple months ago and I can’t get enough of these amazing things! I’d recommend taking a friend along to split it because they are huge and very very sweet!

Keep reading to see a map of where to find the crooked Lombard street, Steep Filbert street, and Suzie Cakes…


I was JUST in Sonoma and met a dear friend for dinner (who lives in San Fran). She said she had the biggest surprise for me in the car. What could it be, I thought?? It was a a suzie cake whoopie pie and I just about DIED at the texture and taste of that heavenly treat.

I love this new series and I want that whoopie pie! I have only gotten the cupcakes at Susie Cakes but now I know what to try next.

I went to San Francisco last year and I loved it so much, these pictures make me want to go back asap!
(it doesn’t hurt that the sun is shining there, and in London we haven’t had a sunny day for what feels like months)

Oh wow, that whoopie pie looks delicious and scary steep street!

Oh gosh I remember walking up and down those crazy steep streets (what a work out). I was so glad I didn’t have my run down standard car with me!

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