Southern Utah Pictures

Last week we took a last minute trip to Utah to help a friend putting on an ultramarathon, deal with some house stuff on a home we own, and enjoy a little sunshine and suburbia. I’m always amazed by the beautiful light in the desert (like the image Jared took above). It’s just incredible. We drove from Vegas to St George and then up to Salt Lake and back to St George. But I enjoyed every minute of those long drives. I was equally amazed by the amount of fast food and diet coke that was consumed in the matter of a few days. I’m in detox mood this week from it all! Highlights of the trip included pool jumping, milkshakes, rock climbing, seeing friends and family, one awesome consignment store find, and more milkshakes. All of these photos here are from instagram (@liz_stan)

Keep reading to see more pictures from the trip…

One of my favorite things to do in Salt Lake is hike up in the hills around downtown, where we used to live. It’s a little sad that Henry doesn’t even remember living there because we still have so many fond memories.

Met up with friends at one of our favorite spots, Hatch’s Family Chocolates, in Salt Lake.

Back in St George: We went rock climbing and let Henry swing on the rope which he loved of course.

I haven’t rocked climbed in a few years, and this was my first time on a real rock. Outside of a gym! I loved it.

This picture looks more hardcore that it was. I was making high pitches whimpering noises the whole time. I need to work on my grunts.

Look what an incredible vintage German poster I scored at a consignment shop! It’s huge- 70 inches wide! Can’t wait to get it hung and displayed.

The best part: My sister in law, Sara’s pool! Henry was a pro at the diving board by the time we left. It was 100 degrees the day we left. Nuts!

Poor guy got bit three times by a panicked ant who got caught in his floatie :(. Nothing a popsicle couldn’t fix though!

I was teaching two Alt Summit Channel classes while we were in Salt Lake so Jared took Henry and his cousin, Gigi, to the park the whole day. They were in heaven.


I have loved seeing your instagram pics. Made me want to get out to the north GA mountains and hike!
Have a beautiful weekend!

Love these pictures. You and Jared are both great photographers. On the Las Vegas > SG drive I hope you stopped to see “Clyde the Camel.”

Isn’t Utah great? I’m really trying to embrace the beauty lately. Liberty Park is especially pretty this time of year!

Gosh, that looks so beautiful. My husband and I are hoping to get to Utah very soon for some camping and hiking. Everyone says it’s the most beautiful place!

My second time ever rock-climbing was in Siurana Spain (gorgeous by the way) and completed the route as the cooool! Your side-trips and weekend fun make me jealous, as I love camping/hiking/the outdoors. Keep the adventure coming!

aahh, love these! I’ve been all over the world and southern Utah is still one of my absolute favorite landscapes!

Hey, from my Alt attendance I recognize SLC from the mountains around it!

When I was in grad school in Santa Barbara, the man and I did a two week road trip from LA-Vegas-hiking through Utah/Arizona (Zion, Bryce, Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley, etc) and back to LA. It was great.

As an aside, people were on Angel’s Landing with street shoes! And little kids on that chain-y bit! CrAzY!

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