Fresh Cream Butter

I had no idea how easy and how far superior homemade cream butter was to store bought butter until I tried to make it. Now it’s the only thing I’ll spread on fresh bread.

I had this elementary school memory of shaking shaking shaking all day long to make butter; but now we have magical things called stand mixers! If you know how to turn on a stand mixer and walk away, you can make fresh cream butter. Promise.

Of course, I still let Henry shake a little so he’d feel like he was involved in the process. Sometimes it feels good to channel our inner pioneer ancestors.
See the full instructions for making the honey butter variety here on Momtastic.


We're going to try this today! Thanks for sharing!!KaylaFreckles in April | a modest clothing blog

We tried making butter once, without a mixer we were shaking for a long time!Tasted amazing though!Lindy xxx

I know! isn't it fantastic, fresh and yummy!I actually make it quite often, pour in a jar and shake…. take only minutes!I add fresh herbs and spread on toasty bread mmmmmmxxcallie

brandi + bright lights- yes that lavender butter sounds amazing. have a recipe?

I remember as a kid, my mom helped me make butter from cream and I thought it was the most amazing thing! I bet your little guy loved it! I think I'll be making some for my family because you're right, it is FAR better than store bought!

ohhhh… my grandfather used to make his own butter all the time, but i never really got into have put a bug in me, and now I feel like i have to try it myself!also, 'brandi' has a great idea…. YUM: lavender honey homemade butter…. my goodness!!

Too funny! I did this same activity this weekend! I made homemade bread and I let my husband shake the jar when I got tired. It was so delicious. I love channeling pioneer ancestors.

I've accidentally made fresh cream butter before — it's so phenomenal. Even better? Try adding a wee bit of flavoring to it. Honestly, lavender butter is heavenly.

Channeling your pioneer ancestors. I blogged about the exact same thing last week! Only my experience was making homemade bread. So satsifying to be self-sustaining!

I've been wanting to make butter for such a long time!Thanks so much!

i love butter…but i don't think i should try this because then i'll eat even more butter that i already do. it's probably healthier though right?

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