• 31 weeks

    My three sisters and I at the wedding reception last week.

    Outside the Manhattan temple

  • Congrats!

    My little brother is married. I’m so happy for them. It was a beautiful wedding and his wife is so awesome. Congrats Christian and Lauren!

  • Book Suggestions

    We are back from our trip but now our computer is broken so I won’t be able to blog much this week most likely. In the meantime, I need suggestions for a good book. I just finished “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls which I loved. I’d like to maybe read something to help me get ready for Mr. Peanut, but possibly more entertaining than “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. Any suggestions for either good baby books or just any ol’ good book you’ve loved?
  • Off to New York!!!

    My younger brother, Christian, is getting married this week in New York! We are so excited for them and love his fiance, Lauren. She will fit right in with my sisters and I. Jared and I are flying out this evening on the red eye (ugggg) and so I won’t be blogging the rest of this week. I got a ‘pregnancy clearance’ letter today from my midwife but I’m still planning on showing some significant signs of discomfort on the plane, just enough to annoy a few other passengers and hopefully land a delicious and comfy spot in first class.

    Christian and Lauren

    In New York we have a packed schedule besides the wedding festivities which includes: my baby shower, The Blaze with the Stanleys and Blairs, shop shop shopping in the city and visiting with family and friends that we’ve missed since we’ve moved. I’ll also get to meet my new niece, Petrea! Maybe we’ll be able to squeeze in some apple picking. When we come back this weekend, we’ll have a new roof on our house and some of the finish work done (drywall will be completely finished after today). Then painting, carpeting and hardwood floors next week. Yeah! I can’t wait to leave the house without brushing off dust from my clothes.

  • $5 Chair

    I found this cute little leather desk chair at the thrift store last week for $5. I think it will be really nice with a modern desk like this one and a pretty lamp like this or this. I can’t wait to finish construction so I can set things up and get ready for mr. peanut (who now weighs about 3 lbs!). We start finishing work this week!
    The other great thing about this chair? It spins really fast.

  • Z is for Zachary

    One of my very best friends, Brooke, gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby boy a week ago named Zachary. I am so excited for her, especially since losing her precious twin girls who were born stillborn in December. I did my first cloth gocco project for her this week on onsies. The quality wasn’t as good on cloth but I think they turned out cute. The lines aren’t as clean as I’d like. I like the red and black ones the best. I had extra space on the gocco screen to burn a smaller image that I used to make some stationery (just in case Zachary learns how to write soon).
    Congrats Brooke!!!!

  • Vintage front pack

    I love this picture. It’s of my mother and her first child, my older sister Celeste, in 1978. Doesn’t she look so happy to be a new mom? It was my turn in the front pack just a year later. That denim front pack was used with all six of her kids and is now passed down to me. After washing out some stains, it’s good to go. It’s so classic and simplistic. I can’t wait to try it on the peanut.

    (Is it just me, or does the picture I took make it look like it could also be used as a jock strap?)

  • Baby clothes as currency

    Thought I was kidding?
    Look at all these cute baby boy clothes (plus cash) in exchange for a lighting fixture we were going to throw out that came with the house.

    The story is kind of funny. We had two lighting fixtures for sale on craigslist. A lady came over to buy one and noticed the other one that was more expensive (it had a ceiling fan attachment). She emailed the next day and said that although she couldn’t afford our asking price, she did notice I was pregnant and would we accept some of the cash plus some really good quality baby boy clothes for the fixture. Why not, I couldn’t wait to get rid of that fixture sitting in our front room and we hadn’t had any other offfers. She came over with bags and bags- already sorted according to season and size. They are all in really good condition too and expensive brands, a lot of them hardly look worn. Perhaps she should have bought cheaper baby clothes back then so she could afford lighting fixtures now….. oh well, it works for me!
    Yeah for SLC’s craigslist!

  • Star Wars +Charlie Chaplin+ 25 years = awesome

  • Lessons learned month 1

    So we’ve been here for a little over a month and have learned a few things in that time about living in Salt Lake City, Utah:

    1. Baby clothes are an acceptable form of currency on Salt Lake’s Craigslist
    2. Everyone has fresh produce or knows someone that does.
    3. It’s much harder to play the pregnancy card here (and no designated spots for pregnant woman at the grocery store!)
    4. Cashiers are really nice, but sometimes in a creepy way.
    5. Neighbors throw potluck block parties for new residents.
    2. RC Willey sucks
    3. Customer Service at RC Willey does not appreciate expletives describing how much they suck and will hang up on you if those are expressed.
    4. ‘Vogue’ magazine is considered offensive enough that the covers are hidden in grocery store isles with plastic coverings.
    5. Residents think that they ‘own’ the street parking spot in front of their house and will put 3 typed up signs on your car in a 24 hour period insisting you move from ‘their’ spot (okay so maybe that’s just our one crazy neighbor).
    6. Residents of the Avenues pride themselves on:
    a. Not living in Utah County (this was actually brought up in sunday school)
    b. Not being Mormon
    c. Paying too much for their old home
    d. Being a liberal and a hippie- and thinking they’re the only one
    e. Doing construction on their house without the appropriate approval from the historic
    district (our one neighbor does his work in the middle of the night to avoid snoopers)
    7. Making homemade Christmas decorations is a common featured story of morning news on TV
    8. Awesome movies on tv. Every day. All day.
    9. The nearest Target is 25 minutes away (boooooo)
    10. The nearest Mormon temple is 2 minutes away. The next nearest is 20.
    11. I have not been in one traffic jam since I’ve moved here. Not one.
    12. Dry cleaning only takes one day here- instead of a week.
    13. It is really hard to find a place to eat on a weekend night without a long wait.
    14. There are no apple picking orchards :(
    15. Haunted houses!! :)
    16. NY doctors/midwives go overboard on genetic testing during pregnancy compared to their Utah counterparts. My midwife here was shocked at how many tests they did in NY for random diseases.
    17. Funeral potatoes= so yummy
    18. Funeral raspberry jello with layers of carrots, pretzels and cream cheese= so gross to think about but kind of yummy if you don’t think about it
    19. Awesome bakery sections at the grocery store.
    20. Late night walk in medical clinics! WHY don’t they have these back east?
    21. Comcast employees will do anything for money and popsicles (see here)
    22. People really work 9-5 here

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