Liz,I’ll try to be brief (I wanted to email you but didn’t find the link)I’m sure you don’t remember me..we were in the same stake in NY. I’m from the Bronx..I was looking at one of my favorite blogs (oh happy day) and she linked to someone who linked to you…I’m a bit bored obviously. Anyway, I saw a picture of Celeste who I know also, and as I read on, found pics of you. I love your blog. We lived in the avenues for the first 5 yrs of our marriage, I loved it there. Anyway, you look beautiful, your baby is amazing and you look so happy. I will keep reading. Stay in touch. Check out my blog..

You look gorgeous! I love the Manhattan Temple, it is amazing that it is right smack dab in the center of the city. : )

brooke, yes come visit! i will need a lot of help cleaning up pee on my face

You are so cute and pregnant! So cute! I can’t believe you are going to have one of these crying little things soon! Today when Zach peed all over himself when I was changing his diaper, I wondered how you would have responded. I had the best image of you doing a high pitched shriek as you watched pee douse your baby in the face and hair. I can’t WAIT! We are definitely coming to visit after the baby is here.

I loved that dress on you & Jordan – I wanted one but I guess my legs are too long because it was more of a shirt on me. 🙁

haha. Liz I own that dress. I wore it to Paul’s gala in the beginning of October.

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