Off to New York!!!

My younger brother, Christian, is getting married this week in New York! We are so excited for them and love his fiance, Lauren. She will fit right in with my sisters and I. Jared and I are flying out this evening on the red eye (ugggg) and so I won’t be blogging the rest of this week. I got a ‘pregnancy clearance’ letter today from my midwife but I’m still planning on showing some significant signs of discomfort on the plane, just enough to annoy a few other passengers and hopefully land a delicious and comfy spot in first class.

Christian and Lauren

In New York we have a packed schedule besides the wedding festivities which includes: my baby shower, The Blaze with the Stanleys and Blairs, shop shop shopping in the city and visiting with family and friends that we’ve missed since we’ve moved. I’ll also get to meet my new niece, Petrea! Maybe we’ll be able to squeeze in some apple picking. When we come back this weekend, we’ll have a new roof on our house and some of the finish work done (drywall will be completely finished after today). Then painting, carpeting and hardwood floors next week. Yeah! I can’t wait to leave the house without brushing off dust from my clothes.


Congratulations to Christian and Lauren and love to your family.

Why does she look so familiar to me? I think I know her from somewhere.Hum…I wonder where

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