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An intimate retreat and online community for female business owners centered around mentorship, skill sharing, deep dives into business strategy, and the holistic needs of women.


The Huddle gives women the space and mentorship to take their business to the next level combined with the intimacy and pampering of your very best, well deserved, girlfriend retreat. Real-life support networks are focused around business strategy and continue beyond the four-day retreat.

Unlike other retreats, we keep it small and all inclusive in a private, beautiful home—with no more than 15 women attending. By curating the right group along with a seasoned entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and professional business/life coach, we match attendees’ skills with the skills they need, while remaining intimate and focused for every woman attending.

The Huddle has three main components: skill shares, hot seat peer mentoring sessions, coaching,  and self care activities. Each day the retreat strikes a balance between these three components. Skill shares help each attendee share their professional expertise with the group. Hot seat peer mentoring harnesses the collective brilliance of the group with the help of a seasoned entrepreneur and venture capitalist to strategize, knowledge share, and brainstorm solutions to business challenges.

Private life coaching sessions help create a personalized path for the holistic health of you and your business. Wellness and self care are woven throughout each day.

Activities like private yoga, meditation, hiking, massages, poolside relaxation, facials, and delicious family style meals occur in the intimacy of a home setting.

Admission by application only.


The Huddle was a big turning point for me as a business owner. I developed relationships with amazing fellow entrepreneurs that has added so much support to my business life. I also walked away feeling more empowered, more sure of what I wanted, and a better game plan for how to reach my business goals and dreams.

— Whitney, Sonnet James

I’ve been to so many workshops, conferences, and mastermind groups, but nothing quite like The Huddle. The weekend was so thoughtfully planned and well-executed—imagine the best girls' weekend ever coupled with some serious business strategy and mentoring from the most dynamic women. I came away feeling inspired and fired up to take my business to the next level. Could not recommend more highly!

— Shira, Shira Gill Home
Let's all focus on helping YOU


When was the last time you gathered a group of smart, generous, female business owners to all focus on helping YOU grow your business?  Individual sessions dedicated to each woman’s business, called Hot Seats, are a core experience of our Huddle Retreats. We’ve been fine tuning this experience over the last year, and we’re opening a limited number of spots to participate in virtual versions of our Huddle Hot Seats to support your business during this time. This is a once a week, 6 week long experience starting in mid-May 2020 with individual sessions for each woman’s business guided by both a mentor and facilitator.

It’s a chance for you to utilize the collective brilliance of the group to solve your problems and gain insight to move through inflection points and challenges you’re facing now. Huddle Alumni say again and again what a game changer Huddle Hot Seats are, and how valuable it is to participate and learn from other hot seats as well.

Huddle Hot Seat Groups are open to any woman, at any stage of business in need of individual attention from a group of smart, kind, generous female business owners. They’re intentionally small (6-8 in each), and we’ll work hard to curate groups based on experience and industry.

Cost is $250 for the 6 week long Huddle Hot Seat experience, with an optional $100 add-on 1:1 coaching session with your mentor. We also offer a pay-what-you-can program for businesses struggling financially during this time.

Apply here by May 15th to grab a spot!

Update: Closed to applications for now, but apply if you’re interested in a future one!

Free to Everyone

Virtual Huddle Workshops

Let’s come together in Huddle-style solidarity focusing on the resources and support you need today. Right now is an unprecedented and challenging time with the threat of COVID-19 to our communities and businesses. We’d love to offer you, our Huddle community, some virtual support from some incredible business mentors and coaches. Register at the links below each class to get a reminder. Mark your calendars and join us when class begins!

PAST WORKSHOPS (replay many of them here)



Tuesday May 12th 2-3:30pm PST. Sign up here.
Being stuck at home is a great opportunity to finally buckle down and learn SEO skills, and optimize your website. SEO education often feels overwhelming, and like it’s aimed at men in bad business casual, but that shouldn’t be the case. This class is about breaking it down, and learning why it applies to you and your business. During this session, Meg will teach you the basics of how to think about SEO, and how it applies to content (and content marketing). We’ll do a quick walk through of how to pick a keyword, how to research that keyword, how to optimize content for that keyword, and how to track its performance over time.

Note: This class will not be available to replay.

Monday May 18th 1pm PST. Sign up here.
Prioritization is a powerful yet often overlooked technique. While it’s not as exciting as automations, when done right, it’ll help align your day-to-day tasks with your bigger picture vision. Then, set you on a path towards accomplishing your goals, with less overwhelm. We’ll go over The Focus Framework. An actionable prioritization process you can use to reduce daily “decision fatigue,” increase your business’ effectiveness, and improve your own productivity. Monisha Bajaj as an operations strategist, works as a methodical counterpart to visionary founders.

If you’ve been enjoying our Virtual Huddles, please consider making a small donation via paypal to to support operating costs. We’re hoping to continue offering these free workshops to support you and your business through the next couple of months. 

Nov 1-4 OR Nov 4-7 2020


In a spacious estate tucked into the oasis of Palm Springs, we’re hosting two separate Huddles the week of November 1st. Each will take a dive deep into business strategy, skill sharing, and connecting with the guidance of our leadership teams.

NEW BUSINESS HUDDLE (Nov 1-4, under 5 years entrepreneurial experience) with co-founder of ShareTown Jorja Leavitt, founder of Juniper Design and Juniper Print Shop Jenny Komenda, and business coach/strategist Ariana Wolf. 3 days, 3 nights  $2800 for a double shared room (your own bed), or $3400 for a private room

SCALING BUSINESS (Nov 4-7, 5+ years entrepreneurial experience) with founder of Freshly Picked Susan Petersen, venture capitalist Jill Dempsey, and leadership coach from Stanford Business School Monique Shields. 3 days, 3 nights  $3200 for a double shared room (your own bed), or $3800 for a private room

Cost for either retreat is all inclusive with delicious family style meals, daily in-house wellness activities of guided yoga + meditation, in-house massage therapy, personal coaching sessions, and more.  You’ll leave with a clearer sense of direction and strategy for your business, along with an intimate support and mentorship network that extends well beyond The Huddle retreat.

By application only. When applying, you’ll self-select which Huddle (New Business or Scaling Business) feels most appropriate to your business and experience. 

One half scholarship is available with priority given to women of color or from another marginalized group. Please see application for details. 



Founders, business owners and entrepreneurs that identify as female. We're looking to curate diverse groups of ambitious business women who are looking to objectively examine their own business while addressing the holistic needs they have, and help others do the same.

The magic in The Huddle is the curated intimacy. That's why we keep these retreats small. Unfortunately because of our group size, we can't accept everyone that applies. It's crucial to curate the right group of women with a diverse background and experience, while also matching skills and needs. That being said, we REALLY want everyone to be able to experience a Huddle retreat because it's so beneficial. If we can't offer you a spot in The Huddle you're applying for, we'll add you to a priority list for future events. In the meantime, we're happy to recommend other resources and support networks to get you the help you're looking for.

It's different at every event, but here's a picture of how a typical day might play out: You wake up to a private yoga + meditation session at the gorgeous home (feel like sleeping in? no judgement!). Followed by a delicious family style breakfast. Next up, a skill share around a business topic (maybe SEO? maybe working with investors? marketing funnels?). Then a hot seat peer mentoring session where focus our energy on helping one woman's business guided by seasoned mentors. In these personalized sessions, we explore business strategy, direction, or whatever help and knowledge is most needed for that woman. Next, a break for free time. Sitting by the pool, journaling. Both a private massage therapist and a life coach offer private sessions during the free time. Lunch by the pool is followed by more hot seat and skill share sessions. After an afternoon hike, a workshop is led by our life coach. More massages and private coach sessions. A cooking lesson skill share is taught while enjoying cocktails and appetizers on the outdoor patio; followed by dinner and conversation continuing until late. Lights out. Repeat!

Huddles are intentionally intimate and always located in a private, beautiful home in a retreat-worthy location. Think the best girls weekend coupled with some serious business strategy and connection. Although the rooms and grounds are spacious, we usually don't have the type of space to accommodate completely private rooms, although this depends on the specific home. Tiered pricing may apply for private or shared rooms and availability is limited.

Stay tuned! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and sign up for our newsletter for Huddle announcements!

We strongly believe in the inclusion of ALL women. We'll be offering one half scholarship per retreat with priority given to women of color, or from another marginalized group. We're also donating a percentage of the profits from each Huddle retreat to a foundation supporting funding for women of color entrepreneurs.

There's not a right or wrong answer, and we strongly believe in self-selection (you know yourself and your business best). But in general, here are some rough guidelines to take into account: NEW BUSINESS: Under 5 years entrepreneurial experience, under $300k annual gross revenue. SCALING BUSINESS: 5+ years entrepreneurial experience, over $300k annual gross revenue. You can apply to either, although we may let you know if we think another might be better a better fit.

If something comes up and you aren't able to attend, unfortunately we cannot offer a full refund but can transfer your spot to a future Huddle within 18 months. Transfers of spots could be available on a case by case basis as we are very careful to curate the right group of experience and expertise. Our events are very small and right now we have no reason to believe we'll need to cancel the November Huddle due to COVID-19 but are monitoring the CDC carefully and are prepared to reschedule if needed. No matter what, we will implement strict sanitizing plans and healthy interaction practices between our attendees.

More Huddles announced soon!