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Get paired up with the perfect Huddle SELECT consultant to give you the individual support you need right now. Audits are a quick 1-2 session way to get A LOT of feedback on everything from your Instagram strategy to your financials and business health.

Find audit offerings below with pricing.

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Ashlee Berghoff

'Fix This Next' Business Audit

Don’t know where to start? Identify your core vital need with a Fix This Next assessment.

Are you pulled in ten different directions at once? We’ve all heard the phrase ‘work smarter, not harder,’ but when we don’t know where to focus, it’s all too easy to try to do it all.

When you’re ready to dial in on the ONE thing that will move your business forward the most, it’s time for a Fix This Next assessment. Fix This Next is a powerful diagnostic tool created by Mike Michalowicz to pinpoint your business’ core vital need.

Efficiency specialist Ashlee Berghoff is certified in Fix This Next and has adapted Mike’s tool to the unique needs of online business owners. Walk away with an in-depth assessment of your entire business, an identification of your core vital need, and a step-by-step implementation plan. Your investment for an in-depth assessment and 60-minute strategy session is $750.


Anjelika Temple

Mini Brand & Content Audits

In this audit, we focus on your brand voice, storytelling through content, and how you can jump quickly from high level vision to detailed production & execution. $500 for a 90 minute audit.

Bridget Brown

Business Coaching Audits

Birds Eye AuditIn this audit, we take an overview of the company and setup, systems and processes, along with growth and strategy. It’s always nice to have an outside perspective from an outsider who can take an aerial view of your company! $425 for a 60 minute audit.

Tough Love Business Tune-Up: When someone really loves you, they tell you the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear! In this 60 minute audit we’ll work together to figure out what your business needs to get tuned up. (It may involve some tough love and hard truths!). $425 for a 60 minute audit.

Get Unstuck: Brand Clarity Audit: The Brand Clarity audit is an hour dedicated to helping you untangle an issue in your business, whether it’s how or where you are growing, or where you are putting your energy, we’ll work together to move you forward. $425 for a 60 minute audit.

Liz Stanley

Instagram Audits

Want to grow an audience, produce the right kind of content for your brand on Instagram to increase awareness and sales? Curious about functionality with IG Reels, IG stories, curious about where to get started in influencer marketing?

Get an  Instagram audit and full creative strategy from The Huddle founder and owner Liz whose consulted with dozens of brands on their IG strategy, and has grown two successful businesses on IG in both the content creation and community spaces. $495 for two 60 minutes sessions.  You’ll walk away with a full deck of strategy, content ideas, market research, stop/start/continue ideas, sample calendar, and next step for those big moves forward.

Lucy Bedewi

Messaging Audit

Struggling with your messaging? It’s okay, words are hard. And messaging is your company’s greatest asset when it comes to communicating your value and scaling up. Book a Wildfire Consulting Hour with Lucy to revitalize your message. In this hour, she’ll go deep into disconnects in your copy, craft foundational messaging for your company, shift words to make more sales, and give you clarity for growing while keeping your brand voice aligned.

$750 for a 60 minute audit.

Jill Dempsey

Financial Audits

Financial Snapshot: In this audit, your financial materials will be reviewed in advance; observations will be given, and introductions to needed resources will be made. $500 for a 90 minute audit.

Financial Analysis: Includes above items along with a historical financial analysis with feedback and best practices. $1K for two 60-90 minute call and reports.

Financial Analysis with Forecasting. Includes above items along with a multi-year review and a preliminary forecasting tool. $2.5K for three 90 minute calls and reports.

Financial Overhaul: Includes above items along with a multi-year full forecasting tool & a data analytics dashboard creation. $5K for up to five 60-90 minute call and reports.

Gitanjali Morris

Business Development and Strategy Audits

Business Development.  What tools have helped you achieve the outcomes you are most proud of? What tactics led you down a path that turned out to be a waste of time or resources? Together we’ll do a high-level evaluation and reflection so you can leave the session with a strong sense of what you need and (more importantly) want to do next. $500 for a 60-90 minute audit.

Strategy Audit. By the end of this session, you will remember your ‘why,’ gain clarity about prioritization of goals, and be ready to amend your approach in order to make progress. Who knows…you might even identify a missing piece of the puzzle that will increase impact and purpose in your work. $500 for a 60-90 minute audit.

Rachel Dorsey

Business and Marketing Audits

Business Strategy Audits:  Build or refresh a custom budget template to clarify and get a handle on recurring and unexpected expenses, projected revenue, and anticipated profit margins. Identify savings vehicles, get your tough money questions answered and leave with clarity.

Marketing Audit: Review existing marketing campaigns and discuss plans moving forward. Address pain points, talk through concepts and leave with an organized strategy that connects your audience to your product or service through the channels that are most likely to be effective AND the channels you’re most likely to employ.

All audits: Sliding scale $350 – $650 a session based on need for a 90 minute session, or  $850 – $1500 for a 3 hours session.


Jill Caren

SEO Audits

SEO Audit: Tired of Google not showing you the love with organic traffic? This audit will look for the roadblocks that are preventing you from organic growth. Your website will be evaluated for technical, content, and keyword strategy issues to find out what issues might be preventing growth. The final product will be a Google Sheet outlining all the checks, results, and a recommended plan for moving forward. The fee is $1,300 for this manually done audit that can take a full day to complete.

SEO Audit Consultation: After you receive your SEO Audit you may have lots of questions! This 60 minute consultation provides us the opportunity to review the audit and further refine an action plan to help you improve your website so Google loves you. The fee for the consultation is $250.

Janette Yost

Marketing Calendar Audit

When your marketing calendar is crafted according to your unique values, analytics and strengths, only then will you be able to stick to it — and see real results from it. The best marketing calendars start with a cycle of launches, offers and content, which we’ll apply to email, social, partnerships (influencers/brands), campaigns, blog posts, media outreach and beyond, according to your resources.
You’ll leave this audit with a detailed marketing calendar that’s repeatable year over year, allowing you and your team to learn and improve with each cycle. $450 for a 60-minute audit.