The Huddle HUB


A virtual support, accountability, and skill building club for ambitious female founders who believe in collaboration over competition. 


Details below. Registration is NOW OPEN through October 27th!

How to Register Starting Oct 1:

  1. Fill out the registration form (if you already filled out the waitlist form, skip to step 2)
  2. Scroll down to review session schedule, day/times, membership dues, FAQ, and more details
  3. Complete payment at the bottom of this page. Any registrations completed between Oct 1st and Oct 8th quality for an early bird discount of $50 off the first month. Expect receipt of $50 discount by Oct 15th.
  4. Look for an email later this month with an invite to a Kick Off Happy Hour October 28th
  5. Registration is only open until October 27th 2021. After that the next window of opportunity to join is April 2022.

One of the questions we get after The Huddle retreat is, “How can I continue to receive the support I need to grow and scale my business?”


Female entrepreneurship can feel like a lonely road, but you don’t have to travel it alone. Through the last 2 years of Huddle retreats we’ve seen incredible community and growth that comes from valuing collaboration over competition, strategic business strategy, and holistic wellness. Our retreats are by application only, but we know from the response that there are so many more that want to be part of this community.

You belong here!



Here’s what our Huddle HUB Membership Club includes (all virtual):

1. Monthly Check-In. Accountability checks, problem solving as a group, and Hot Seats.


2. Monthly Huddle Workshop. We’ll focus on a specific topic of interest taught by a member of our Huddle SELECT consultants/mentors (find bios on The Huddle site) and guest speakers. Workshop schedule below is tentative based on the needs/interests of the group. We’ll decide together what topics you want to learn about! Breakout rooms following the workshops are organized by type of business/experience to process and discuss implementation.


3. Virtual Huddle Hot Seats.  Each member of the group will have an opportunity to be on a 3o minute Hot Seat where the whole group focuses just on you and your business challenges.  You can use this session however you choose!  Brainstorm solutions, get feedback on ideas and direction. It’s up to you!


4. Private Facebook and DM Groups to chat, problem solve, resource share, and stay connected on a regular basis.


We’ll be dividing up into small cohorts based on type of business/experience.



Timeline + Session Schedule:

Oct 1st: Open for registration (see details at top of page on how to register)

October 27th: Registration closes (next window of enrollment will be April 2022). Enroll/Withdraw windows will be every 6 months.

Thursday Oct 28th 12-1pm PST: Kick Off Meet and Greet

Starting November 2021: Sessions are 90 minutes and meet the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month. Small group sessions are on the 1st Thursday of the month at either 11am PST or 1pm PST depending on your assigned cohort. Workshops are always the 3rd Thursday of the month at 12pm PST. See tentative workshop schedule below.



Monthly Workshop Schedule (Tentative based on group needs/interest):


November 2021: Rachel Dorsey on Goal Setting with a Mission


December: Jill Dempsey on Financial Forecasting


January 2022: Natasha Samuels on Instagram Strategy


February: Bridget Brown of The Advisory Guild on Building a Viable Business


March: Jacquette Timmons on Financial Growth Mindset


April: Macy Robison on Marketing and Personal Branding


May: Ariana Wolf on Human-Centric Branding


June: Gitanjali Morris on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


July: Rachel Ligari on Mindset and Self Awareness


August: Monisha Bajaj on Strategy and Execution


September: Erin Kriessman on Ecommerce Marketing Strategy


October:  Priscilla Vega on PR Strategy

Monthly Membership Dues

$150/month for New Business Members (Under 100k in annual revenue)


$200/month for Growing Business Members (Between 100k and 500k in annual revenue)


$250/month for Scaling Business Members (Over 500k in annual revenue)


All memberships require a 6 month commitment


We are dividing into cohorts by business type and experience so it’s important that you correctly self identify. If you have questions or are unsure as to what membership category you fall into, feel free to email us at


I’m just starting my business, is The Huddle HUB for me? 

Our Huddle Retreats are not designed for women just starting their businesses, but The Huddle HUB is! We’ll be dividing into cohorts by type of business and experience, and your membership dues also reflect a sliding scale for women in all stages of entrepreneurship. Our workshops will be tailored for all stages and breakout rooms will be used to address challenges in your specific stage.


What if I can’t make a session? 

It’s very important for group dynamics and fostering long term business relationships for our members to attend each session. However, we know life happens sometimes and we will be recording them for you in case an absence is unavoidable.


What are the Hot Seats like? 

These are 30 minute sessions during each Check-In Session where the whole group focuses just on YOU and YOUR business. It’s a really unique opportunity to harness the collective brilliance of the group to solve problems and get feedback. You’ll be asked to fill out a Hot Seat Questionnaire beforehand to answer a few questions so the group can understand you/your business and you can put some thought into what you want to use this Hot Seat time for.


After the initial 6 month commitment what if it’s not for me? 

During the month of April 2022 we’ll have another window of opportunity to withdraw and other folks to join. You’d simply let us know and then cancel the recurring paypal subscription. Every 6 months we’ll have another window of opportunity to withdraw/join.


How are payments made? 

When you register between Oct 1st and Oct 27th you’ll click on the buttons below which will take you to a paypal subscription page. This will automatically charge your paypal or credit card the membership dues each month on the same day so you don’t have to worry about remembering!

You are billed for the next month. So your first payment in October will be for November when we start our sessions.



Need more info or clarification? Email our Community Manager Kristin at or send us a DM on Instagram

Billing Info

  1. Read instructions above under ‘Monthly Membership Dues’ to determine what membership tier you fall into based on business size. It’s important you self identify correctly so we can accurately create small groups based on experience and type of business.
  2. Click on Paypal Subscribe buttons below to sign up for a recurring payment under that tier. You must complete this payment before October 8th to qualify for the $50 early bird discount (expect a paypal receipt of that around October 15th).
  3.  You’ll be billed for the following month. Your first payment in October will be for November (the first full month of The Huddle Hub).
  4. The last day to sign up is October 27th.
  5. During the month of April 2022 we’ll have another window of opportunity to join/withdraw. If the membership club isn’t for you, you’d simply let us know and then cancel the recurring Paypal subscription. Every 6 months we’ll have another window of opportunity to join/withdraw.


Huddle HUB: New Business (under 100k in annual revenue)

Huddle HUB: Growing Business (between 100k and 500k in annual revenue)

Huddle HUB: Scaling Business (over 500k in annual revenue)