Back to School Interviews


With back to school around the corner, I thought we’d round up the kids and conduct some back to school interviews in partnership with Gymboree’s Back to School line of clothing for the whole family. Here’s what Henry, Edie, and Dot have to say about the new school year coming up…


Henry, age 9 1/2

How do you think 4th grade will be different than 3rd grade? There will be harder math and longer writing (and it’ll be more boring).

What are your favorite subjects in school? Science and coding.

What kinds of things are you excited to learn about? We’ll do a lot more coding this next year.


What goals do you have for yourself this year? To have at least 3 new friends.

Anything you’re nervous about in 4th grade? I’m nervous to find out what teacher I’m going to get. There’s this one teacher that nobody likes and I don’t want to get her. And there’s this one teacher whose really good and I want to get her.


I’m used to buying Gymboree for babies and toddlers, but was pleasantly surprised with the selection for older children as well. Henry is wearing Gymboree boys navy moon monster tee (which is his new favorite shirt and only $10.17), comfy terry cloth joggers (he could wear these everyday) and black color lace up sneakers.

What are you excited about for the coming year? I’m excited to choose a musical instrument.

What advice do you have for kids starting 3rd grade? It’s a lot more fun than 2nd grade, and there’s less homework. 


Edie, age 3 1/2 

Are you excited to go back to preschool? Yeah, of course.

What are your favorite things to do in school? Playing with the dresses, playing with the kitchens- there are two kitchens!



I love the back to school selection at Gymboree for Edie’s age. She’s wearing the comet coral stripe leggings, white sneakers tee, denim jacket, and these adorable silver bunny sneakers (so cute, and with little a little pom pom on the back).

How do you think preschool will be different this year from last year? There will be big kids, and I don’t know what toys.

What kinds of things do you think you’ll learn in school this year? ABCs! And cars, and babies like how doctors learn to take care of babies. And ice cream makers.



Anything you’re nervous about for school this year? No, I’m not nervous! Just a little bit.

What advice do you have for kids who are just starting preschool? I would give them a toy. Also the teachers ask you if you want to use the bathroom for potty training.


Do you think you’ll make new friends this year? Yeah. Maybe friends that like pink!


Dot (answered by Henry and Edie)

What is Dot most excited about this year?

She does dance moves when she gets excited and I sing a song -Edie

That dad will play with her -Henry


Any skills Dot’s excited to learn?

She wants to walk all by herself and do a dance move – Edie

She’s excited she might be able to do a back flip off the stairs – Henry


Gymboree is always go-to to buy colorful basics for babies and toddlers. Dot is wearing Gymboree’s super bunny dress with matching bloomers (it’s so soft!) , and white baby braided sandals (under $8!).


What are her favorite things to do during the day?

Sleep, crawl, she likes to poke and kiss other babies – Henry

Is there anything she might be nervous about?

She’s nervous she might have a tantrum and doesn’t like when you put her on the ground – Henry


Is your family ready for back to school? What are they thinking about it? Any specific goals they have?

Thanks to Gymboree for sponsoring this post. 


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