Tilden Park Little Farm


Spring is our favorite time to visit Tilden Park’s Little Farm. It’s full of baby pigs, chirping chicks, and blossoms on the trees. Nestled in the Berkeley Hills it feels like a world away, but only 30 minutes from San Francisco. Here’s how our outing went last week in partnership with Old Navy’s gorgeous spring line of florals and vintage inspired basics.  Keep reading for more photos from our outing and a few tips if you’re planning a family visit there…


Little Farm is in Tilden Park which is a gigantic park at the top of the Berkeley Hills. There are over 2200 acres of open space with some of our favorite spots being the Steam Train, Lake Anza, Carousel, and of course Little Farm. Lately, it really has started feeling like spring here and makes me so excited for warmer weather ahead.  We brought this cute Pointelle Cardigan for Edie but she only kept in on for about 10 minutes, the sun was really starting to beam down!

Edie wore:


Cutout clogs (in store) $16.99
Gauze Tank $14
Button-down denim skirt $13
Pom pom bag $11.50
Pointelle Cardigan $15


A few tips when visiting Little Farm

1. It’s totally free, including parking
2. Bring celery and romaine (but mostly celery). The animals love it and it’s super entertaining for the kids to feed the cows, goats, pigs, chickens, and sheep.
3. There’s no food there to purchase so be sure to pack a picnic (lots of places to sit on the grass or picnic tables by the parking lot)
4. There are clean bathrooms right at the farm (hooray!)
5. If it’s been rainy it can get muddy, so wear appropriate footwear for that
6. There is a fun playground right by the parking lot if kids still have wiggles to get out before heading home
7. Avoid the weekday hours between 10am and 1pm as a lot of school groups come through and it can get crowded


Edie’s ready to go (with her stick of celery in hand). From Old Navy she’s wearing these adorable clogs only in store now (her first time in a shoe with a heel and she loved them!), a classic 70s denim skirt, an adorable gauze tank, and this cute pom pom summer bag (which may have been filled with bribery fruit snacks). Also, we need to talk about how adorable the kids shoes are at Old Navy right now: these pointed woven sandals, and these wide strap ones I love, and how perfect are these white ones?


Dot wore:


Cross-back red gingham dress $19.94
Denim jacket $21
White baby sandals $12.50


I totally want Dot’s white sandals in my size. And I’m obsessed with her sweet gingham dress!




The picturesque red barn has chickens and pigs inside. The baby pigs were so cute, and when the chicks hatch it’s the best time to go.


Edie’s become such a climber lately. She’ll climb bookshelves (to my horror), climb in the fridge to look for snacks, counters to play in the sink, and fences to peer over into the sheep pen.


From Old Navy I found this gorgeous midi summer floral dress. It’s so comfy and easy for summer. I love having to throw on just one thing, hence my love for a summer dress!


After we visited with the animals we sat down for a picnic in the grass covered with spring wildflowers.


Our usual snacks: fruit, carrot sticks, and pretzels. I’m more of a grab and go picnic-er with little kids.



Edie still demands I remove any and all signs of green from the strawberries she eats (three year olds!)


Dot is starting to eat more finger than pureed which is so much easier, and more entertaining for her. Hooray for baby teeth and independent eaters!


Such a perfect day at Little Farm. Gave me such a sweet peek into how lovely summer will be here in the East Bay!

Thanks to Old Navy for sponsoring this post. Photography by Stephanie Gardner and Liz Stanley. 


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