Spring Must-Have: Striped Button-Down Shirt

By Assistant Editor Diana

striped shirt

If you’re one of those people, like myself, who lives in stripes, I have just the thing for you. Yes, striped menswear banker-style shirts are this season’s must-have. Every wardrobe needs one, because of its feminine, spring-y, laid back vibe. It’s one of those go-to pieces that is easy to pull off, while feeling totally comfortable, no matter the occasion. Better yet, if your husband or boyfriends happens to own the exact thing, just borrow it, wear it with your favorite jeans or a suede skirt, and I promise, you’ll never want to give it back:)

Fancy more? Come this way, here’s some inspiration in how to wear it…

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(Image credit: 1. Jess Ann Kirby, 2. A Beautiful Revolution, 3. Z Hours, 4. Coveteur, 5. Peeptoes, 6. A Piece Apart, 7. Garance Doré, 8. Jill Lansky, 9. J. Crew)


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