Trying out a new way to use dry shampoo


Our whole team here at Say Yes loves dry shampoo. It’s one of our best new mom tricks for late nights and busy mornings. What did we ever do without it? Recently though, we heard of a new trick and decided to all try it out…

Instead of using it for already greasy hair in the morning, we heard about putting it on at night and letting the overnight tossing and turning give your hair body and save time in the morning.  We tried it out, with different ways of styling it the night before to see what worked best. Here’s what we thought:

After I ran the dry shampoo through my hair, I flipped my head upside down and did a dutch braid, starting at the back of my head and moving forward. It looked kooky, but the dry shampoo plus the braid gave me plenty of volume and the nice messy waves. All I had to do in the morning was undo the braid and add a tiny bit of product. -Erica

I use a homemade dry shampoo made with cocoa powder for my dark hair. I ended up with a brown pillow after sleeping on it over night. Whoops! Next time, I might have to try a store bought dry shampoo. -Stephanie


Honestly, I’m not sure I noticed a difference putting it on at night versus the morning. However, I did appreciate not having to deal with my greasy hair when I’m first getting up and feeling rushed out the door. -Gaby

I use dry shampoo for more than oily hair. I use it to add volume, grip for when I’m doing some kind of braid or up-do, and to lighten my roots. When I tried putting it on the night and then up into a bun, it worked really well for grip and volume, but not as well for lightening roots. I think the time saving component is super beneficial though! -Liz

My hair seems to be most oily first thing in the morning after I’ve slept on it. Putting dry shampoo on at night, before my hair had reached its oily high-point is kind of a game changer. I caught it before it got super oily and was able to not wash my hair for more day than usual. Wahoo!  –Ashley

Two favorites we love: Suave $4 and Batiste $8 (which also offers a great option for dark hair too)

Have you tried this trick? Do you use dry shampoo the night before or morning of?

Photography by Ashley Aikele for Say Yes, and thanks Elyse for modeling!



I’m interested in trying the dry shampoo to lighten my roots. Do you have a specific brand you use to lighten your roots? Or do you have a root powder you like. I have tried some but I always felt they looked brassy. Thanks!

I’ve always been a day-of dry shampoo girl. Basically I use it when I need it. I make sure to put it on and follow the instructions, which says to wait a few minutes before you start “shampooing.” My favorites are Bumble + Bumble, Klorane and Aveda for dry shampoos.

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