What to wear in Germany in the Winter

By Assistant Editor Ashley

what to wear in the cold


Did you hear, Liz is going to Germany at the end of the week! We were discussing what she should pack, and decided to put together a little roundup of what to wear in Germany. This also works great for other cold weather cities: Chicago, Boston, New York, Stockholm I’m talking to you.


1. Long down coat – Go with a long coat to help keep your legs warm. I always opt for a down coat in cold weather layered with other tops to keep me warm.
2. Cashmere beanie – Cashmere is one of the warmest and comfiest wools out there, plus most of the heat in the body escapes out the head so a cashmere beanie just makes perfect sense.
3. Thick jeans – Thick, tighter fitting jeans can help hold the heat in when layered with thermals or leggings underneath.
4. Heattech extra warm top – We’ve been hearing so much about Heattech technology from Uniqulo. Made to wear underneath your clothing they are extra soft and keep the heat in.
5. Warm blanket scarf – I love bringing a big scarf in cold weather so I can wrap it thick around my neck or drape it over my shoulders.
6. Heattech extra warm leggings – Again, it’s all about the layers in cold weather!
7. Pullover turtleneck sweater – Turtlenecks are a great way to keep cold air from going down the top of your shirt and are very much in style right now.
8. Wool socks – The best for keeping you warm and dry when you’re wandering playing tourist.
9. Comfortable boots – Something that can withstand a lot of walking, are good looking, and keep your toes warm too.
10. Gloves – These gloves are tech friendly too!


Haha. You said wool socks. I suppose I meant specifically for night time 🙂

Love it! We travel to Germany in the winter often and I would add pretty stud earrings (because those big scarves get in the way of anything that dangles!) and a thick pair of wool socks (because I’m always chilled at night after a long day outside!) have fun!!

Ohh, looks sleek and polished, but some colour will really brighten your mood, especially since it gets dark around 5pm at the moment. Go for a colourfull hat or scarve ;o)

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