How to style your bangs while growing them out

By Molly and Joanna of Irrelephant
growing your bangs out
Most women have had bangs before, and the worst part about having bangs is trying to grow them out. They get to that tricky in-your-eyes-all-the-time phase that makes you want to reach for the scissors. Before you snip them, try this simple stylish tutorial.

how to style bangs during grow out
1. Mist bangs with a restyling spray.
bang grow out
2. Blow dry bangs in each direction (blow drying them all to the right and then all the way to the left) on high heat using a flat brush. This will help remove any cowlicks, so your bangs don’t do a rogue wave throughout the day.
bang grow out
3. Finish off your bang blow dry on a cool setting to set them in the new shape you have made.
how to do bangs
hair with bangs
4. Slide the curling iron through your bangs away from your face (this technique is to put a bend in the bang and not to curl)  Then wrap the rest of you hair in the iron and scatter some more soft curls throughout. This will give a lived-in texture that will look good no matter how you end up styling it.
5. Find your natural part with your fingers and and mold the ends of the bangs with a light paste/cream. The idea is to piece them out and get them to stay slightly split at your natural part.
simple braid
6. To finish the look off, casually pull your hair to the side and start braiding it in a loose braid.
braid knot
7. When you get to the end of the braid, take the outer two pieces of your braid and tie a knot around the third middle piece.
braid with bangs
8. Tie ends with a thin rubber band, so it’s easy to push the band up under the knot to hide it.
braid with bangs
9. Hairspray if desired and embrace those bangs!



This is awesome! Thanks, I am growing my bangs out now!!! Gracias!

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