What Kids Really Want


I spend a lot of time shopping around online for holiday gifts. Usually it goes like this: I get a sense of what my kids want/need, and then combine that with what I want to spend money on and what kinds of things I want in our home. Today though we’re shopping a little differently.  As part of a partnership with Old Navy, we’re figuring on what kids really want for the holidays (no adult input allowed!). I took Edie and Henry to our local Old Navy and let them pick out what they would want to find wrapped under the Christmas tree this year.


Here’s what they picked, and what they had to say about their selections…


1. Sweater-Knit Fleece Jacket 2. BEAST hat (in stores) 3. BEAST graphic shirt 4. Full-Zip Fleece Hoodie 5. Go-Dry Graphic Tee

Me:  You picked a couple t-shirts, a hat, socks, and zipped hoodies. Which is your favorite?

Henry: The BEAST shirt. Because it says BEAST and that’s cool. 

Me: You wear zipped jackets every day to school. What do you like so much about them?

Henry: Oh yeah, I do. They’re just comfortable. It’s kind of cold when I walk to school in the morning, but then by the end of the day it’s warmer so then I put it in my backpack. 

old navy

Me: Tell me about the BEAST hat, why did you pick that one?

Henry: Well, I did have a band called Blood Beast. I play the electric guitar and we had a show at our school last year. But then we moved to Oakland and I don’t practice as much anymore with the drummer since it’s further away. I haven’t told him yet, but I think we need to break up the band. One day we can have a reunion show. 

Me: Do you think other kids your age would like these things?

Henry: Kids really want candy and video games the most, mom 

old navy

And now, Edie’s picks:


1. Pink tutu Dress 2. Pink Sueded Bow-Tie Ballet Flats 3. Patterned Sweater-Knit Scarf (only $5!) 4. Pink clutch (similar above. Pink one in stores) 5. Minnie Mouse pajamas

old navy

Me: Edie, you picked this ballerina dress, a pink scarf, pink shoes, a pink purse, and Minnie Mouse pajamas. Which is your favorite?

Edie: The dress. Because I love it. 

Me: Edie, most of these things you picked are pink.  What do you like so much about the color pink?

Edie: Because it’s my favorite color. I love it so much. 

Me: You picked this pink purse. What are you going to put in it?

Edie: Baby Lala (her doll) and her toys.


Me: It doesn’t get very cold here, where are you going to wear this scarf?

Edie: Tomorrow I’ll wear it when it’s cold right here and here (pointing to her neck and top of her head). 

Me: Do you think other kids would like these things too?

Edie: Yeah. The purse. It’s everybody’s favorite color!

old navy



Thanks to Old Navy for sponsoring this post. Photography by Liz Stanley. In addition to the items featured above, Edie’s wearing this red dress and tights from Old Navy. Henry’s in these Old Navy jeans. 



I’m loving your wooden Christmas tree in the top photo. Where did you get it?

Yes! I kept scrolling through to see a full picture of the tree. It’s non traditional but not cheesy or tacky. I love it! So cheerful!

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