Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Photos and directions by beauty contributors Molly and Joanna of Irrelephant


We love a good and easy halloween look! This, although looks intricate, is actually pretty simple! We picked up a zombie kit at Target and used some of our own everyday makeup to complete this look! We couldn’t find the one we used online but this one is very similar.

zombie makeup

Step 1: Apply your normal foundation and regular make-up routine  which includes contouring if you like to make your cheekbones stand out!

zombie makeup

Step 2: Apply a neutral brown toned eyeshadow around entire eye, including underneath.

Step 3: Add a deep purple and grey-ish eyeshadow on the outskirts of the neutral eyeshadow you previously applied- blending it as you go. (Darken the under eye part with this color- you know, accentuate the natural “bag under eye”.

zombie makeup

Step 4: Pick where you want your gashes to be. We chose the apple of the cheek and a gash on the collar bone. Apply Elmer’s glue to those spots with a sponge for a less messy application. Once you’ve selected your location with glue, IMMEDIATELY apply a layer of tissue. Once dry, carefully tear off excess tissue.

zombie makeup

halloween zombie makeup

Step 5: Apply second coat of glue over tissue in the same manner. Once dry, carefully rip the middle of the tissue to create a “open wound” effect. (Tip: we poked our tissue with a teasing comb to start the tear)

zombie makeup

Step 6: Once you have your tissues applied and torn, apply a coat of foundation over your gash with a foundation brush.

halloween makeup

Step 7: To make the gash look decayed and bruised, apply same eyeshadow that was used around your eye to edges of your cut. If you look at the look at the end, we generously applied the shadow to really create a decaying bruised look.

zombie makeup

zombie wound makeup

Step 8: Fill in the middle of the gash- where you created the tear – with fake blood. Then use the stippling sponge with red face paint around the gash to make it look like blood splatter. Also, stipple green and brown (or any color that will make it look dirty) over your gash to make it look dirty and bruised.

zombie makeup

Step 9: Create a pale look over your lips with white eyeshadow and apply red splatter around mouth with the stippling sponge. Smear some of the blood around the mouth and you’ll have some rash looking disease 🙂

zombie halloween makeup

Step 10: Now, enjoy the afterlife!



Foundation brush
Eyeshadow brush
Stippling sponge
Face Foundation
Regular Make up Routine
Elmer’s glue
Fake blood
Neutral brown eyeshadow
Purplish and greyish eyeshadow
Stippling Sponge
Red Face Paint (Cream preferred)
Green and Brown Face Paint (Cream preferred)
White Eyeshadow




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